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How To Write A Rad List Post

One of the best ways to create community and garner traffic to your blog is to write a linked list post. Some of my own blog’s success was built on the humble list post with titles like 20 Ways To Make A Book By Hand and 20 Tea Cosies To Make doing SUPER well.  These posts were a carefully curated list of links to other good stuff on other great blogs.  Part of the power of the linked list post is that it recognises the great content of other blogs, gathering great ideas or posts and linking out to them (ideally with a little blurb about why they are great!)Not only that, list posts provide practical, diverse information all packaged up in one convenient post. These posts are loved by readers because the legwork is done for them by a trusted source. All they have to do is grab a cup of coffee and get clicking!These posts are so useful and clickable, in fact, that you see them all over the internet now. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you need to avoid them. It does mean, however, that you need to make sure that YOUR list post is the best it can be.  Here’s how:1. Don’t simply write a text and link list, spruce things up a bit!2. Add images (properly sourced and credited) to your list post.

3. Write a few sentences to explain why you chose each item on your list.

4. Embellish further – add some extra details to your list like other recommended posts on that blog or reasons you visit this blog often.

5. Create a collage of images to match your post using Photoshop, Instastitch or PicMonkey (and get ready for Canva too – launching soon).

6. Use logical keywords and searchable phrases in your post and title if you want to be found: Try ‘The Ten Best Foodie Bloggers In Australia’ instead of ‘These People Are Yummy!’ for instance.

7. Add a link to your list post in your sidebar to improve searchability, perhaps under a ‘Favourite Posts’ or ‘Latest Posts’ heading or widget.

8. Choose an in demand topic to create your list around by researching keywords or thinking just like your readers do.

9. Keep your list on one page or post (rather than using a gallery function) for a better user experience.

10. Create a pinnable graphic as a hook for your list.

11. Add some text links to your best posts at the end of the list post, in case your post is shared widely. (You could also rely on a related post widget, but I think text links as well are a good idea.)

12. Use your post to link to lots of other bloggers or sites (making sure those links open in a new tab!) This is a great way to build community, give props and honour the work of others. So do that.

13.  Write lists posts into your blogging editorial schedule and try to create a list post once a month to keep your blog busy, interesting, relevant and searchworthy.

14.  Ask readers to help you build your list via your Facebook page and then collate their ideas into one central post on your blog (perhaps linking to THEM in the post alongside their contribution, too! SO listy!)

15. Check for broken links on your older link posts and update them.


Link posts are not only useful to your readers, they can also help drive search traffic to your site.  If you cleverly think about the things people just like you are searching for, providing a list post on those things can be a great way to increase your traffic from Google. Perhaps you’re like me and your things are ’50 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas’ or you might be more ’20 Fail-Safe Chocolate Cookie Recipes’. Think the way your readers think and occasionally serve up the kind of things they are searching for.

Google Trends can show you what’s trending RIGHT NOW search-wise on Google. Wordtracker can help you find great keywords and phrases to use and build list posts around too.  Just type in the topic you’re going to post about and it’ll give you suggestions and data to show you the search demand, keywords and phrases around that topic.  Google has a new keyword research tool here and you can find the Bing version here.

Gather your data and see what will fit your blog. Make sure it’s relevant and makes sense on your blog, though. You don’t want to write a post about ’20 Ultra-Scary Horror Movies’ if you normally write about ’20 Super Adorable Umbrellas’, for instance. Does that make sense?


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