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How To Size Your Images Correctly For Social Media

August 1, 2015

Creating visual content across all platforms is obviously important. Visual content is MUCH more eye-catching (especially on text driven platforms like Twitter) and also helps you tell a broader story.

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Create correctly sized and oriented images

Creating images of the right dimensions means that they won’t be cropped or look awkward especially on Twitter or Facebook. You’ve probably seen lots of incorrectly sized images on Facebook? They’re the ones with the bit white space next to them (or the ones that look all fuzzy!)  If your image is landscape or square and large enough, Facebook will just crop bits out when it appears in the news feed.

If your image is ‘profile’ orientation, you may find that Facebook does a crappy job of showing it. You may find text or body parts go missing, in fact!

The wrong fit

If you must use an image that’s the wrong orientation or size – it’s best to drop ‘profile’ format images onto a ‘landscape’ canvas or background so that the whole shot appears in the feed – or not to use them at all, ideally.

Same with Twitter. Parts of your image will be cropped out if your photo/graphic is the wrong size. Your one chance at showing off visually – with an image- in the Twitter feed will be lost if there are heads chopped off or words cropped out.

Resize for the win!

I have created custom PSD files in Photoshop to drop my images onto before I upload them to Facebook or Twitter. If I’m out and about, obviously I don’t use them, but I do try to resize to optimise when I can. You should do that too!

It’s good to know these sizes because you can’t see how image display until you’ve hit POST on FB or Twitter – stick to the correct size and you’ll get all the bits you want included.

Facebook Image


Here’s some more detailed info on social media platforms’ optimal image sizes…




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