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:: How To Make A Pompom

May 2, 2013


Here’s how to make a cute pompom or two! These are the handouts I made for my Big Hearted Business Conference crafting session!

This method makes a cute, shaggy Fraggle-type pompom.  It’s just like the usual pompom method, except you cut a notch in the cardboard circles, to make the wrapping easier.  You can see a video of someone else doing it this way, here.  (If you want a more precise, neat pompom DON’T cut the notch into the cardboard circles. Keep them whole and thread your yarn through the centre hole and around and back through!)

You can download these images over on my Flickr account here. Instructions on the easy way to do that are over there too! Let’s make some pompoms!

Ten Minute Pompoms

Materials needed:
A ball or two of colourful yarn
A pair of scissors
A sheet of thick-ish cardboard (you need to be able to cut it easily with the scissors!)
Ten minutes!




Would you like to make some?

x Pip




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