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:: How To Crochet Stars

Don’t freak out, but it’s September. That means I’ve just sent my Christmas project into Frankie. It also means that if you are cray like me, you can get started making cute holiday decorations before things get too busy. These stars are really easy to make. I made a whole bunch of them last year and stiffened them with glue. They make a super pretty, Nanna-style tree or garland. OR you can make them for a sweet mobile. I’m totally going to do that, actually…! Stay tuned!

How to Crochet Some Stars
(UK/AU crochet terminology is used here!)

You need:
A 3 or 3.5mm crochet hook
Some yarn in your favourite colours (4 or 8ply – DK or Baby Yarn)
A yarn needle with a big eye
Something good on telly
PVA glue
clean tea towel

Let’s go:

Chain 6 stitches and join with a slip stitch to form a ‘ring’.
Then: chain 3 : crochet 17 treble stitches into the ring. Slip stitch the final stitch to the top of the ‘chain 3’ to form a round.
Chain 8 stitches.

*Double crochet one stitch into the third chain from the hook.
Half treble one stitch into the next chain stitch.
Treble crochet into the next TWO stitches
Double treble into the next TWO stitches
That’s your ‘point’ done!
Skip two stitches and slip stitch into the next to ‘anchor’ the point.*

Repeat pattern between stars until you have SIX points on your star.

Bingo! Fasten off and use a yarn needle to stitch your loose yarn end in, so that you can’t see it.


To Stiffen Your Stars!

Stiffen your stars (so they don’t curl up!) by mixing equal parts water and PVA glue.  Saturate your star in this mix, wring out excess gently and then lay it out neatly on a clean tea towel to dry overnight.

Hang with fishing line, ribbon or wire.




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