1. […] based it on this pattern by Pip from Meet Me At Mikes. I love her patterns because they are super easy to follow for a novice like me – and the […]

  2. […] is on the menu!Thinking: about what to crochet next – I’m thinking either a beanie or these slippers.Admiring:Sorting: the kids books out – there are a lot that the girls no longer read, which I […]

  3. […] is on the menu!Thinking: about what to crochet next – I’m thinking either a beanie or these slippers.Admiring:Sorting: the kids books out – there are a lot that the girls no longer read, which I […]

  4. Hi Pip,

    Am I missing something? I can’t locate the tutorial, there’s a blank space but no where else can I see it 🙁


    1. Meet Me At Mikes

      It might not be loading in your browser, but there is an alternative link in the comments! Sorry it’s being tricky! x

  5. My nanna made me a pair of these with hypercolour wool. They're the warmest, most amazing slippers ever. Also, they double as bed socks!

  6. Hi Pip, Thank you so much for this great pattern they are so cute! I have made a pair in gorgeous green,so thank you, thank you, thank you!!! If you want to see my slightly dodgy version of your slippers I have blogged them today.
    (sorry I don't now how to add links in comments, I'm a bit techno slow!)
    Have a great day! Julie:)

  7. Hello! Thanks for the lovely pattern! I've been searching for a simple cool slipper type pattern for a while. Can't wait to start hooking!

  8. I love these! Now I have one more motivation to learn how to crochet!!

  9. Aw!

    They're cute.
    Thank you for the tutorial 🙂

    Please visit us:

  10. Thanks pip i learned to do granny squares from your vids and im totally hooked now, cant wait to make these cute slippers 🙂

  11. Dear Pip,
    Terima kasih for sharing this cutesy pattern!
    *thats Thank U in my language hehehe*

  12. Pip! What a fabulous post, thank you so much. I will start these on the train to work tomorrow – can't wait!

  13. great blog, you are so talented!

    Im having a GIVEAWAY on my blog….


  14. Renae @ theredwren

    What cute slippers! Thanks so much for creating such a lovely looking pattern for them. Hopefully I'll get some spare time to start on them soon.

  15. Hi Pip – I owe you an apology for not leaving a comment earlier! I have visited your slippers several times and downloaded the pattern and have even started making them! I got sooo busy so soon I forgot to say thanks! Then I just read over at another blog about the 1000s of people who have visited and downloaded your project leaving you with virtually no comments by comparison – and I was included in that number – so I wanted to make a small step to fix it and thank you profusely for you work. xxx

  16. Thank you for spending so much time making this pattern for us. I LOVE THESE SLIPPERS! IT's summer here, so I have plenty of time to make some for gifts for winter.

    Cindy Bee

  17. They're too cute. Love them.

    Just discovered your blog today and have spent the whole afternoon scouring it. I've just ordered your book and am going to blog about you later. I think I have a Craft Crush!! xx

  18. Hey Pip. I would love to try to make these but my Mac isn't opening the tutorial. Is this just me or a Mac problem?

  19. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  20. These look amazing…. guess i have to go find some yarn lol ….

  21. My gran-ma, may she rip, made me a pair of slippers like these YEARS ago, which are falling to bits. I've been searching for a) a pattern and b) how to freaking crotchet them!! You've done it all-in-one…you're ace!! Handy tip…granny put a rubber sole on the bottom for added durability and traction!!

  22. I am commenting, because i know I like comments , too ( I do not get many :() No need to beg, love your blog, love to crochet and these are adorable!
    Thank you for sharing.

  23. Cheers Pip, I have a friend who does crochet for me in exchange for art for her grandkids. I will be forwarding this to her.

  24. thanks you pip! this is perfect timing for me! i was literally just thinking that i wanted to make some warm crochet slippers for my partner for her birthday next week, but i don't know how to go about it! and up comes your blog! thank you! 🙂

  25. B I R C H s e e d

    nice work pip! thanks for spending 3 days doing this and then sharing for the world. you are awesome 🙂

  26. I can't wait to get home and get making these! I've been looking for a tutorial like this for ages. Thank you!

  27. Yes I would, thanks for sharing Pip!!!

  28. Oh Pip, I love them! Mrs Betts the elderly lady in our neighborhood who always babysat us when I was a wee lass used to make these & gift them to everyone in the street. I loved putting them on with my jimjams each night after a lovely warm bath. She was a great old lady whose house smelt of camphor, she watched every daytime soap only to switch over to The Mike Walsh show in between. She had me playing mahjong & developing a taste for ryvitas with vegetate & tomato. Ahhh the memories those little slippers bring back. Thanks for listening. Xx

  29. First you teach me granny sqaures and now you teach me slippys. THANK. YOU. I think I will start tonight I have just the perfect yarn.

  30. I love them! Can't wait to give them a go!

  31. ohhh i had to laugh when read: your slippers are finshes, sheesh, i mean yay! that is what i think when my crochet projects are finished 🙂

  32. Crafting Health Sue

    oh i love them, they are fabulous, my housemate and i have been meaning to make slocks (yes a mixture of slippers and socks) for some while, but i think your pippy slippers may be well superior to the pattern we had in mind. thanks lovely

  33. Thanks for the pattern, these slippers are gorgeous! Definitely giving them a go.

  34. Daisy Jane Ziemons

    Well hello there. If this pattern is anywhere near as easy to follow as your Granny Squares then I am hooked!
    Thanks so much for sharing,
    Daisy Jane

  35. You look after us so well Pip. I'll be thanking you when my tootsies are super warm and cosy!

  36. Thanks Pip. These are just perfect for this time of year. I've never been a big fan of slippers (I'm more of a sock girl) so these tick lots of boxes for me! I have just quite literally picked up the crochet hook today after a long hiatus…

  37. Theses look gorgeous Pip. Have started learning to crochet so will be giving these a go when I have the hang of it. I really love your blog and both your books, eagerly awaiting the next one!!

  38. It's already hit the 100s here in sunny Florida but I think I will make a pair of these soon anyway!!! They are just too darn cute 🙂

  39. trudi@maudeandme

    thanks for the pattern. Shall have to give it a go!

  40. Oh yes oh yes oh yes! these look great. When I was growing up (cue violin music) I often had hand knitted slippers that I knitted myself and I Loved them. Thanks for the pattern.

  41. Oh thanks, Pip! These slippers are great. I have been a big sook about my cold toes lately, but these look cosy enough to ease my sookiness (is that a word?) I learned to crochet using your tutorials last year, so I've got no excuse to not give these a go!

  42. Look at you, creating a crotchet revolution. Go you! I might have to give these a go! 🙂

  43. thanks pip! they look cute. i think i will have to give them a true : )

  44. I am sitting here at work with my tootsies cold and dreaming that I am wearing these! I am SO going to make these! There were a heap of crafty ladies talking about crocheting some over winter….now I have the best pattern thanks to you!!! Go Pip!

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