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How To Blog Consistently


How to blog consistently : Ten useful tips!

1. When to write – Optimal writing time: Everyone is different. You’ll notice that there are times of the day when you are MUCH more productive, energised and creative than others. Mine is first thing in the morning when the house is nice and quiet and there are no distractions. I’d happily get up at 4am and begin work, if people didn’t point and laugh at me for it. I settle for around 5am (with the odd sleep in til 6.30 if  I’m in need of a bigger refuel!) Perhaps your time is after dinner? Or you might be a good mid-morning writer? Pinpoint that time and block it out as often as possible. Make it your own personal, optimal blogging appointment.

2. Write often – Writing practice: Look at this great book. It’s ALL about how creatives approach being creative. I’m ALL for establishing a regular writing practice. Even if you don’t write something amazing, practice writing every day. Get your brain all shook up and your words all shook out and on the page. You don’t have to launch straight into writing a great post. You could just write a journal entry or a list or a song or something. The point is, the more you write, the more you notice when to write (see point 1.) the easier the whole shebang will get.

3. Write peacefully – Turn off your email. Turn off your phone. Take that time you’ve put aside as a special date with your keyboard (or pen, you olde worlde thing!) and give it your full attention. Even if you sit and think, then make some simple notes, you’re way ahead of the distracted Catweazely person who’s trying to juggle many tasks, don’t you think?! I am a big believer in being creative FIRST and leaving email until later in the day. Do that. You will like it too, I think.

4. Think ahead – Editorial calendars. I used to hate them. Now I love them. Thanks Nikki. Even if you just fill your editorial calendar with IDEAS and then divert from them completely, it’s totally comforting to know that you’ve got a whole wealth of bright sparks to fall back on.

5. Make rules – Think about how often you can post on you blog. Is it once a week? Is it daily? Is it once in a blue moon? Have a serious chat to yourself and then lock it in. If you can’t stick to the schedule you’ve talked yourself into, reassess. Perhaps the kind of consistency you want is at odds with your busy life?! Can you create an extra hour or so in your week to combat this? Can you get up early one day? Drop an activity that’s less important? Make a rule for yourself and do your best to facilitate your own success.

6. Be inspired – There is absolutely NO POINT trying to write if you’re feeling like a soggy piece of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of someone’s desk. You need to be doing things that keep your excited and hopeful about life. Things that make you simmer with ideas like a sultry blogging bombshell. Get out into the day. Get off your computer and away from screens to soak up some real life. Notice noticeable things.  Wonder about stuff. Which leads me to…

7. Take notes – The very best friend of your editorial calendar is a notebook (or NOTES on your phone!)  When inspiration strikes, on your walk, on the train, in the middle of the night, harness that sucker and get it down somewhere. Notes on life and ideas are the foundation of great writing. Sometimes they are little sparks. Sometimes they are sophisticated threads of theory or information. Almost all the time, they are good things. Get that stuff down.

8. Gather mentors and heroes – Find people who have a regular writing practice or who keep a regular blog. Read their work often. Interact with them. Let them rub off on you in the nicest possible way. Use their excellent work ethic and good habits as a great example to you and your consistent blogging aspirations.

9. Alarms, dates and calendars – Are you extremely distractable? Use your phone calendar to schedule in post reminders the day before. Pay attention to those reminders, and turn them into something rewarding across the board: Go to a cafe and spend an hour writing, head to the library for a blogging date with yourself, make a big pot of tea and blog with your favourite biscuit. Remind and reward yourself.

10. Think of your readers – Do you have readers? I think you do. Think of them as visitors. You don’t want them constantly coming over and ringing the doorbell, to no avail. Perhaps they can even see you popping about the place on social media, but when they ring the doorbell, NO ANSWER! OMG. Is this you? Don’t do it. Turn up often and answer the door to the nice folk who are calling on you, bloggers!

  • ReannonHope
    August 20, 2014 at 11:59 AM

    I love this! It helps with so many thoughts I’ve been having lately about trying to fit things in & getting distracted/interrupted. Thanks xx

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