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How To Be More Creative

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACreativity is at the heart of every great blog. Without it, there’s a sameness to our blogs. Things become formulaic. Blogs take on a cookie cutter facade. They become predictable and interchangeable in some cases. We can do much better than that.

Many of us want to achieve big things with our blogs. Some of us want commercial success. Others want to build a profile. Some want to partner with brands or launch a complimentary business off the back of a blog. I totally get all that. Good plans.  But let’s remember we need to start with those good strong foundations. There’s no point building something that looks awesome on the surface if there’s not much substance beyond that.

You need to dig deeper and make things more meaningful, powerful or impactful. You need to be creative.

The growth of blogs and blogging in Australia has created a competitive digital environment. But let’s ignore that for a wee while. Let’s go back to basics. Let’s blog less often, but about more important things. Or let’s spend more time on the things we do post and make them really great.

Tips for more creative blogging:

Get away from your computer: Get out in the world. See a film. Go shopping. Buy a book. People watch. Take a photo safari. Meet a friend. Try a new cafe. Go to the library. Visit a gallery. Take a walk. Spark some fresh ideas, look for clues, understand how important it is to make an effort to stay inspired.

Keep a creative journal: This is not for to-do lists. No milo, loo paper, cat food allowed. Keep a journal just for taking notes on the things that interest and excite you. Little sparks of inspiration that can be fleshed out or further explored later. This is a good place to write down interesting things other people tell you about, too.

Take photos: Even if you only use your phone camera, take photos every day. Try to look at things from a fresh perspective. Play with angles, colours, text and filters. Tweak your view of the world daily and you’ll train yourself to approach life more creatively permanently.

Find your muse(s): You might be really ace, but everyone needs creative heroes to identify with and be inspired by (sorry I am using that word a lot, but it’s really important!) Watch documentaries and biopics. Read books about interesting types. Actively seek out those who have gone before you. Think about the things they have done and what makes them so fascinating to you. Visit them regularly in some form (read/listen/watch) and let their brilliance shine a light into your life.

Be you: It’s so easy to follow the pack, but you really can’t beat writing in your own voice, posting your own unique photos or artwork or designs and generally putting your very personal stamp on your work. Do that.

Make time for inspiration and approach blogging from a fresh new perspective. Think about what makes you unique. What your message to the world is. What your mission might be.  Think about a new way to write/illustrate/photograph your ideas. Think about how you can surprise and delight your readers and how you can challenge yourself.

Gather all this good stuff up and blog as yourself, true to you, in the way only you can.

Sincerity + inspiration = creativity


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