Hippity Hoppity Hurrah! How can it Be?

Today we hipped and hopped out to the country to see our favourite book man.. he had lots of lovely books for us… and vinyl too! Then we went to our lovely antiques lady.. and she had some pretty fabric, pillowcases, tea-cosies, aprons and even more lovely things like a tin with a ship on it… a decoupage box with vintage Christmas pictures… a music box and even more! Such a lovely hippity-hoppity day!

Souraya kept the shop humming along with lovely visits from Emma, Ella, Tamara, Jess & Brooke! Hurrah! And she is making some new treasures to sell at Mikes! Yippee!

Our girl Lizey dropped in yesterday with her lovely friend Julia who brought in cute fabric belts, button earrings, resin badges & fabric totes!
How can it be that Asahi is $12.99 for a 6 pack at Dan Murphy… and $20.00 everywhere else?! It WAS very dusty out in the bush!

How can it be that people throw out hand-embroidered damask pillow-cases so that I can buy them for 50c each?! Lucky me!
How can it be that Arnotts Cheds are so delicious and absolutely lacking in anything real.. from what I can tell?!

How can it be that we found one Led Zeppelin, two AC.DC & one PRINCE record today?!

How can it be that Ari is such a good drawer and only 6 years old?
How can it be that Max can read a good fat book in 3 days and he is only 10?

We had a delicious dinner (made by Cam) – cold roast lamb with a delicious Greek Salad and very very cold beer!

And we got the shop all spick and span for our photo shoot tomorrow!

Mikes looks extra pretty!

xxx love to all


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