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Hey! Do You Want To Help Amy To Print Ace Stuff? (Say YES!)

Look. Honestly. The internet is FULL of people who need to be noticed or need your help. I get it. It gets a bit overwhelming and it’s hard to know who to get behind. *Nods*

Printy lady AMY of Saint Gertrude is a good person to get behind. Not only is she a brilliant bird, she’s a brilliant creative type and she makes beautiful things. In an internet that is a bit obsessed with crunchy food/bunchy abs and cats that can brush their own teeth and amazing goats that live in trees (okay, the last one is warranted) Amy is a beacon of skill AND cleverness AKA the real deal.


Amy wants to make even more brilliant stuff, with a freaking whizzbang new-old printer. The printer is currently in London and it’s called a ‘Berlin’ (by print hardware maker, Korrex). It can print HUGE and beautiful prints at the hands of clever types like Aims. The kind of huge and beautiful and clever that we all need in our lives. See what I’m saying?

As is often the case with creative types (ahem! coughs!) Amy is not really bathing in dollar bills and driving a Bugatti around town. Take it from me. She lives around the corner so I KNOW. Instead of driving a Bugatti and bathing in dollar bills, she is working hard for many hours for very little to create beautiful things that create an inspiring BLIP on an otherwise often piffle filled horizon. Phew.


Amy is really nice Amy can work big machines.

The thing about art is that it’s not really supported, appreciated or funded as it should be. Which means that unless WE (the smart people) support them, artists just have to suffer in their gosh darned garrets and not fulfil their wildest dreams – the dreams that inspire us and remind us that life is not piffle filled.

So… if we all chip in, we can help Amy to realise the dreams we all need to see AND ensure she’s not forced garret-ward.

Maybe you want to help do that? You don’t have to chip a LOT. If we all chip a titch it will BE A LOT. And Amy will get to realise her blinking huge printer dreams (to our art-loving advantage!)

Oh AND. In case you were wondering, there are rewards too. Yep! If you DO chip in you might be able to snaffle a LIMITED EDITION Bowie Eyes print! Who could resist?

C’MON. Let’s make dreams/magic/non-piffle happen! Support the non-piffle people!

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  • Rochelle Ryan
    September 10, 2016 at 12:49 PM

    Thanks for bringing this lovely soul to my/our minds. I am happy to pledge and wish her dream does come true

    • Meet Me At Mikes
      September 12, 2016 at 4:57 PM

      How exciting that this is fully funded now!! YAY!

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