Hello Three Good Things Thursday!

Some of us (cough!) are finding it a wee bit hard to focus on good things right now … but those are the times when the good-thing-finding are most important, don’t you think?

We’re a little bit over a week into a six week lockdown and curfew here in Melbourne. It’s a brilliant idea, as far as I am concerned, but also weird. Hence the wee-bit-hard-to-focus vibes.

That said, I’m keen to push against that weird and pluck some good bits from the day/week. So let’s do that …

Three Good Things

1/ Ari and I made a nice dinner together. That was cute and fun and also pretty delicious. Rice salad and garlic mushrooms, in case you were wondering.

2/ I finished watching a series I really enjoyed – The A Word. In Australia, the newish streaming service Binge has a 2 week free trial and I watched it on there, (along with Succession.)

I really love a British drama and this was a goodie. I’ve been trying not to watch anything too dark, but gosh it’s hard. There is a lot of darkness on them there streaming services. What non-murder things have you been watching?

The A Word

3/ FaceTimed with my mum this morning. We both wore bed hair and nighties. That was a bit cute.

And what are your three good things for today, champ?

x Pip


  1. Well… today my back felt a bit better and so did my attitude after 2 days of having a face like a squeezed lemon. Sometimes I am SOOOO bad at knowing that I just need to get up and DO something… instead, I often lie on my side with the lemon face… then 2 days later I am so sick of myself I get up and things look better! Life is like that isn’t it? Pahhhh…. anyway so I got up and went to breakfast with the Pony and I chose a granola with coconut yogurt and fruit which is an unusual choice for me but gosh it was sooooo good… it was set out on a kind of round plate and not in a bowl like they usually are and the coconut yogurt was in a seperate pot. EVERYTHING about it was good AND it had a purple flower. I know! So anyway I was really pleased. When I came home I decided it was better to stay standing so I made a chicken curry for harry and a very special eggplant Sri Lankan curry for the Pony…. she wanted that… and she ran out to the curry tree in the garden to collect the branch. Sh said REALLY CLEARLY… I would NOT like to have a tomato base… which I dont mind because I am really keen on people who are very clear. I am now making Nan bread dough Then I have found a podcast about an American woman living in Paris… Dinner for One… I like it so far…. And I just poured a glass of wine because I am listening to things about Paris so I just have to! Lovage Pippy and I hope you are cooking something lovely xxxxx

    1. The things you did instead of lemon face sound amazing. What books are you cooking from at the moment? Which Naan recipe do you like the most? I might make some Naan too!! Love to you all. Keep well and go for a slice of lemon rather than the full face? Just an idea tho. xx

  2. Wonderful Pip – have been hearing good things about The A-Word. Must check that out.
    I second Shrill on SBS On Demand, really great.
    I’d watch Gavin and Stacey anytime, anywhere…funniest, sweetest show ever.

    Other suggestions:
    Pie in the Sky, set in a British restaurant, where the cook is also a semi-but-not-really-retired detective
    High Fidelity on iView. Based on the movie, set in a record shop but with a female main character instead.
    Aaaaand ‘Togetherness’ on Binge. Made by the Duplass brothers. Very cool.

    Happy cooking/walking/crafting/watching! x

  3. I would really recommend The Repair Shop (from The BBC).
    Not a drama but a lovely gentle series where very talented craftspeople bring family treasures back to life.

  4. Hello. Tokyo Diner is great for some chilled out tv time. I’ve also been watching reruns of Seinfeld and the original Roseanne.
    Stay safe and be well.

  5. A few things I have binge watched recently that have made me laugh Fleabag on iview and Atypical on Netflix are both very good and I highly recommend. Also Shrill on SBS. All episodes of these shows are about 20 minutes, so very easy to say just one more…

  6. ‘Why women kill” starring Lucy Liu on SBS is 80’s kitsch heaven. Really recommended. Not murdery till the final episode. And Binge has Better Things which is also American but brilliant.
    If you want UK stuff Crashing with Phoebe W-B and Lovesick are both ace.

  7. I know you already love it, but gosh, can’t go past a bit of Doc Martin for feelgood binging! I’m also very late to the party but I am really enjoying Gavin and Stacey on iview. The characters are all so great and i dream of a world where such a collection of random personalities are accepted good naturedly for who they are. I also love that I have to wait each week for the next episode rather than binging at once. So old school, yet so satisfying when you realise it’s nearly the day for the next episode!

    1. That is a brilliant idea re Gavin and Stacey. And maybe I can add Doc to a rewatch list. VERY SENSIBLE THOUGHTS, Emily. Thank you. Hope you are keeping well, chicken. xx

  8. Oh goodIe you have Binge – I’ve been wanting to recommend you watch ‘Making It’ (if you haven’t already), it’s a gorgeous show and I’m sure you’d love it! 🙂

    1. I have (sneakily) watched a few episodes of Making It when it first came out! It’s so good! Thank you for the reminder!!!

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