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1. Hankies for the Heartbroken & HayFeverish, 2. Gadget Cosy from a Vintage Napkin, 3. Sausage Dog, 4. Made A Florally Summer Throw…, 5. A Granny A Day, 6. Making Finger Puppets, 7. Mikes Fabric Bangles, 8. Woodland Granny Square, 9. Baby Felt Bunting, 10. Tortoiseshell ‘I can Fly’ Brooch, 11. Ari and Pip’s Fox Embroidery, 12. Foxy, 13. Blythe’s quilt, 14. Ike Rosen inspired cushion, 15. ed roth’s stencil book tees, 16. Pile o Granny Squares, 17. The First Ever Peaky Beaky Bird!, 18. Appley Button Earrings!, 19. where the wild things are embroidery Max, 20. Max : Where The Wild Things Are : Christmas Stocking, 21. Little Felt and Fabric Babushkas, 22. TeePee Girl :: Christmas Embroidery, 23. Citrus Potholder, 24. Meet Me at Mike’s Book!, 25. gocco prints x many!, 26. Crocheted Coasters and Doyley :: Matchy Matchy, 27. gocco print – still to add some ink!, 28. Mary Blair Wallet, 29. Noice cloud!, 30. Sunday Afternoon Knitting Needle Bangles, 31. Making Granny Squares, 32. Pear Pincushions, 33. My Shippy Stitching, 34. My Little Notebooks!, 35. Falcon Chair and Ari’s Blankie, 36. Gingerbread!


Max : Where The Wild Things Are : Christmas Stocking
Yes. You can ignore the looming festive season. I do not mind a bit. I understand how you feel. It feels too early, too busy, too impending. Argh!  You can click away from this post right now and do something else. I will totally understand…

Oh. You are STILL here! Yay!  You are my kinda reader.  You are BRAVE! Nice. Well, brave reader, here is my updated list of tutorials and how-tos, for the very best kind of handmade Christmas!  If you get cracking early, you can be one of those calm, smug people who are all set for Christmas! 

If you need gift wrapping ideas, you might like the video I made!  
Home :: By Ari and Pip

Granny Squares for Beginners by Pip! Includes videos! Yay!

Lesson 1 : How To Make A Slip Knot

More Pip Tutorials
  1. Crocheting Hexagons
  • Edible Christmas Gifts – 35 Things To Cook and Gift This Festive Season
  • :: The Pioneer Woman’s Christmas Cookies – here – they are cute!
  • :: 3 different spice mixes to shake up and plonk in a jar – here – or make up your own mix
  • :: Walnut and whisky Christmas cake – here – totes boozy and nice, methinks
  • :: Nigella’s Christmas cookies and pinwheels too – here – I have never made pinwheels, but they look good!
  • :: How about Alicia’s version of Nigella’s Banana Bread? You could ice it and wrap it in wax paper and candy-striped string. It would be a nice thing to take round to someone’s festive house.
  • :: Amy has some ideas about fudge over here – yum!
  • :: Kinda in a similar vein, Hazelnut Truffles would be gifty too, right?  Here
  • :: Home made cranberry sauce could be good.  Here
  • :: One of my very favourites, Food In Jars, has a great Blood Orange Marmalade recipe here
  • :: What about Brownies? Kitchen Diaries Challenge does Nigel Slater’s (amongst other things) here
  • :: Ginger beer, perhaps? Here
  • :: Chocolate hedgehog slice is nice.  Here
  • :: These gingerbread townhouses are gorgeous. Ack.
  • :: Bloody Mary mixer?  Yes thank you Martha
  • :: Old Fashioned cakey gingerbread is super delicious. Recipe here
  • :: Australian-style tomato sauce?  Here
  • :: French style Chocolate Macaron – oh they sound great – here
  • :: And some more pretty coloured Macarons here
  • :: I like the idea of jars of spiced nuts.  Recipe here.  Maybe could go with the Bloody Mary mix?
  • :: Almond toffee. Yes. Please. Here.  Pass the toothbrush.
  • :: Personally, I am a huge fan of coconut ice.  I love the colours and the weird way you have to slice through it with your teeth.  Pretty and festive.
  • :: Raspberry lemonade would be delicious and refreshing.  Maybe some vodka in there too?
  • :: I love these a lot.  Very retro and delicious.  Chocolate dipped apricots. Mmm.
  • :: Roasted red pepper mayonnaise.  Fantastic with golden roasted potatoes or on a sandwich.
  • :: Marshmallows! Here
  • :: Make some bottles of herb vinegar for extra good salads.  Here.
  • :: Or homemade horseradish would be great too.
  • :: Toffee Apples wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon?
  • :: A huge jar of marinated mushrooms would be welcome at my house!
  • :: Or make some lovely grain mustard here.
  • :: Shortbread is always a winner
  • :: Or these peppers would be a great gift and delicious on an antipasto plate or pizza
  • :: Cordial is very Enid Blyton and wonderful
  • :: Chocolate orange reminds me of my childhood
  • :: The kids will love these Chocolate Christmas Trees!
Phone Photos

How To Make Stuff With Old Jars – 25 Great Links

  • A cute tiny terrarium! ***
  • A sewing kit ***
  • A much nicer jar ***
  • Some lanterns ***
  • Mosquito scarers ***
  • A jar of chai mix ***
  • Cowgirl cookies ***
  • Chalkboard gifts ***
  • Hot chocolate mix ***
  • Kitsch glitter globes ***
  • A jar of inspiration ***
  • Jars of weeds! ***
  • Fizzy bath salts ***
  • Cute Jams ***
  • A jar of grapefruit ***
  • Atlas topped spice mixes ***
  • Pendant light fittings ***
  • Sriracha style chilli sauce ***
  • Pie in a jar ***
  • Pretty candles for a wedding ***
  • Gumball Party Favours ***
  • Cake in a jar ***
  • Sippers ***
  • Sprouts ***
  • Memory jars ***
Phone Photos

Hankies for the Heartbroken & HayFeverish

How To Make A Picnic Blanket and More – 25 Great Links

  • A picnic rug with little pockets for rock weights (so it doesn’t blow away!)
  • Design Sponge has a waterproof backed picnic rug tute on their lovely site
  • Not to mention this fantastic 6-pack turned picnic caddy!
  • This one has loops on the corners so you can peg them down
  • An oilcloth version of le picnic here
  • Use an existing blanket : but insert grommets and make some cute tent pegs for it here
  • An Argyle Throw would make a cheery picnic seat, no? I think so.
  • A simple patchwork picnic rug here
  • Make some matching napkins too!
  • Learn how to line your basket with the ubiquitous oilcloth, perhaps?
  • This is a cute Zakka style picnic bag too.
  • How about this denim picnic-blanket-a-long? Cute.
  • These are useful and cool too – Summer Sit-Upons!
  • If you forget your basket you could tuck your picnic in this Amy Karol cuteness
  • Or make this super fancy picnic basket (from an existing beat up one!)
  • These cutlery roll/place mats would work well on Le Picnic
  • Or try these fused ones via Whipup if you like melting stuff together in a positive way
  • Whipup also points us to this fancied up disposable plate tute
  • Take this homemade Pin The Tail On The Donkey Game for entertainment!
  • Or make a cuter version of this Twister blanket!  Fun!
  • You might need to make this kite?
  • Make sure your friends can see you!  Tell them to look for this bunting!
  • Or try this no-sew bunting instead!
  • If you’ve got all that stuff, you might even need cushions, huh?
  • And for when the sun sets and it gets a bit chilly… theseshawls would be good, don’t you think?Phone Photos

How To Make A Book By Hand – 25 Great Links

  • Okay. Not a papery book. But a needle book. The cutest ever via Skebba
  • Make a cute cahier (or notebook – if you’re not frenchy fancy!)
  • Super cute ‘lift the flap’ kinda book via Instructables
  • A bedside journal sounds like a good idea…
  • Make your own moleksine-type notebook
  • A paint sampler notepad :: LOVE this one a lot – kinda like a matchbook!
  • A vinyl or leather covered wrap-around-tie-up notebook here
  • A teeny cute book from business cards here
  • Really awesome bingo books via the famous Erinzam :: supreme
  • Martha has a pretty serious tutorial here
  • A hardcover handbound journal here
  • For those pushed for time : the five minute notebook
  • Skip to My Lou has a how-to-make a notepad tute here
  • Postcard and Junk Mail notebooks here.  Cool.
  • And more notepad knowledge here – it seems you need a clamp, though
  • How to convert a lovely old book into a blank journal here
  • A total kit : tutorial and supplies to tackle Japanese Stab Binding
  • These ones with fake ‘cloth tape’ are beautiful
  • Whipup points us to this tutorial. Make Playing Card Notebooks
  • Heart Handmade shows us how to make these mini books
  • This book is bound with a stick!
  • This book is bound with a chopstick!
  • The Small Object Notepad Kit and How To :: buy it here
  • Super in love with these Charlie Harper notepads :: how to make them
  • Everything is cute when it’s tiny :: super-teeny-tiny-very-very-small composition booksTeePee Girl :: Christmas Embroidery

How To Make A Tea Cozy – 25 Great Links

  • Oh Cute! Sew this squirrel tea cosy from the Zakka Sewing Book :: here
  • Martha’s Monogrammed tea cosy – for your weekend in the Hamptons :: sew it here
  • Cute and dinky vintage Knitted tea cosy :: here
  • Fantastic crocheted scalloped pot warmer :: here
  • You could crochet this one via Craftzine :: here
  • This one has lovely piping and is padded for extra warmth.
  • I know. It’s kitsch. But I love a tea cosy that looks me in the eye :: Cat tea cosy :: here
  • Look at this ROSY Wild tea cosy!  :: here
  • Strange, yet cool Robin tea cosy :: here
  • A simple embroidered cosy – you could customise this one easily :: here
  • A vintage style knitted cottage circa 1950 :: via craft bits
  • Or Cross Stitch a Cottage Cosy instead :: here
  • Knit yourself an Elephant tea cosy :: here (front on image here)
  • Hilariously good Poodle tea cosy :: here
  • This breakfast set is adorable : tea cosy and egg cosies too!
  • Planet June shows you how to sew her kinda tea cosy :: here
  • This one with the checks and stripes is good
  • Not a pattern, but amazing inspiration here
  • This one is lovely : simple and stylish
  • Or sew this ace OWL tea cosy :: here
  • I love this pom-pom topped one
  • A cute lidded tea cosy (knitted)  via Whipup :: here
  • Knit this Koala warmer :: although I’m dubious that it will look as good as the image 😉
  • I like this knitted one :: cute and colourful
  • You could even sew a tea cosy from some potholders :: via Craft Gossip

mason blanket 6

How to Make a Lunch Sack And More – 25 Great Links

  • An awesome list of lunch bag links from our favourite Australian craft resource Whipup
  • Tumbling Blocks made a lovely paisley oilcloth lunch sack : and shared her how to as well
  • Ms Martha Stewart’s oilcloth lunch sack tutorial is here
  • Betz White’s re-usable fabric sandwich wrapper is here : what do you think of that?
  • The Purl Bee’s cute lunch carrier via The Long Thread
  • A fancy schmancy cute water bottle tote via Pink Chalk Studio
  • And a cute simpler version at The Long Thread (again!)
  • This cutlery roll is good for eating on the go
  • Urban Organica has a cute bento bag and place mat here
  • Super gorgeous canvas and embroidery lunch sack here
  • And another cute kid-friendly bento bag here
  • Twelve22 has some lunch bag and sandwich wrap inspiration here
  • Some more cute oilcloth ones here
  • Hobo tie-up style lunch bag via Crafster
  • More FUN than practical – but so adorable – felt lunch bag via Skip To My Lou
  • An eco-friendly velcro-sealed plastic wrap alternative for sandwiches here
  • Craftzine points over to this really ace sandwich wrap by The Small Object
  • A lunch sack from a fat quarter here
  • Oh Fransson! has a great pattern for little bags that would be cute for lunches too!
  • A patchwork Furoshiki to wrap your lunch in here
  • Zakka style linen and patchwork lunch sack here
  • This one has a zip top and a strap – practical and sweet
  • A pillowcase lunch tote here
  • Loving this lunch bag styled on a regular grocery bag
  • Snack pouches and matching napkins seem like a good idea too

How To Make A Tote Bag – 25 Great Links

  • Cute SuperEggplant shows you how to make a simple lined tote.
  • A colourful colouring book and crayon tote how to here.
  • I like this really clear, simple colourful tote tutorial A LOT!
  • Learn to make gingham totes for your undies and socks here.
  • A cute bag featuring a sweet kid’s drawing here.
  • Over at the Purl Bee you’ll find this EXCELLENT how to.
  • Print your own Apple Tote with this guide on CraftStylish
  • Some suggestions and resources on screen printing your own totes here.
  • Tiny Happy whipped up a shoulder tote and shared her how-to here.
  • Amazing Tote inspiration over here : a Charlie Harper embroidered delight!
  • You could stencil your blank totes with freezer paper a la Angry Chicken
  • Fantastic, clearly explained tea-towel tote how to here.
  • An adorable stitched tote here : why not customise it with your own stitching?
  • Spruce up a tired tote here : so cute!
  • A Cath Kidston-esque tote tutorial here.
  • Carriebee shows us how to make a cute one-handled tote here.
  • Martha makes a sling style bag from a pillowcase over at her place.
  • Knit yourself a lacy string tote, perhaps?
  • A mega-sized Market Tote via Whipup here
  • Not quite a tote, but a laundry bag fashioned from a pillowcase here.
  • A cute granny square tote how-to here
  • And another pattern for a granny square tote here
  • A handkerchief tote here : you could also use a doily or a napkin, right?
  • A whole lot more Tote action via Martha
  • Burdastyle has a lovely polka-dot tote over here with a clear photo tutorial too!


How To Make A Wallet or Pouch – 25 Great Links

  • A cute travel wallet made from a map and a clear acetate covering – here
  • A wallet from a thrifted leather skirt – here
  • A paper and vinyl wallet to stow your Met ticket in – here
  • A wallet that turns into a shopping bag – voila! – here
  • A paint chip wallet – so clever and colourful too – here
  • A quilted fabric wallet – fancy and lovely – here
  • A tea wallet for your tea bags – ingenious idea – here
  • A vintage cassette zip pouch – a bit rock and roll  – here
  • A nice fabric wallet  for someone nice – here
  • A cool tea-towel wallet – i really love this one – here
  • A magazine page card holder – papery and practical – here
  • A pouch made from tape-measures – pretty AND useful – here
  • I like these wallets –  i do –  here
  • Another cute fabric wallet tutorial – options are good – here
  • Passport wallet/cover – zakka style – here
  • A romance novel wallet – for cheeze lovers – here
  • A lovely PVC covered wallet – fabulously executed – here
  • A fabric wallet with a zip compartment – zippity doo dah – here
  • A cute charm square wallet – made from teeny bits of fabric – here
  • A super simple crayon wallet – to keep les kids happy in le cafe – here
  • Ace vinyl zip-pouch – for money, pencils or cosmetics perhaps – here
  • A super cute, super quick wallet – super adorable –  here
  • A cute frame purse to stow your coins in -such a great site too –  here
  • Maybe size an envelope clutch down to wallet size? – here
  • Kid friendly juice pack coin purse – try those pesky ribena pouches – here

Gem and Pip's Ripple Adventure
How To Print Gocco – 20 Great Links

  1. Hailed as the ‘new Gocco’ – see the Yudu print system here
    Where the Wild Fings Are

How To Be A Good Penpal – 20 Great Links and Printables

Have fun making things!

xx Pip
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