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This is Evie!

Here’s our first GUEST LIST for #52lists.  (You can sign up here, if you’d like to make lists too!)

Today Evie is sharing her list. I met Evie many years ago when she started coming to Brown Owls (our craft gang!) She’s such a great girl. She’s an illustrator and designer, but she’s also an amazing artist. She makes amazing things like softies and brooches and papery things. She’s shown at Craft Victoria and she’s exhibited in Needle Work, Needle Play. She’s just a gorgeous, talented, sweet lady, basically.

Here’s Evie:


Softies by Evie

Softies by Evie

Hello and thank you Pip for inviting me to be a guest-lister for your #52lists Project.

For those new to me my name is Evie, I have a blog called Handmade Romance, I love making soft characters and attempting all sorts of other creative projects. For better or worse I am also a constant list writer. Mostly my lists consists of dumping my many thoughts into a bunch of somewhat ordered to-do lists. I reckon this helps me sleep a whole lot better too.

Today however I’ve decided to share a more nostalgic list than my personal to-do’s and I’ve created a list of my favourite TV shows from childhood. When I think back these shows accompany memories of good times spent of an evening, as a kid hanging out in the lounge with my brothers. We’d be waiting for dinner, dad to return home from work and having the odd fight over who got to watch their favourite show first.

The Bugs Bunny Show
The Muppet Show
The Wind in the Willows
Fraggle Rock
Danger Mouse
Inspector Gadget
Astro Boy
The Smurfs
The Sooty Show
Punky Brewster

A hard list for me to narrow down so I deliberately keep it to 10!

What about you? What do you remember watching on telly as a kid? I can’t wait to see what your childhood viewing was made up of.

Thanks again for letting me share a list with you.

x Evie

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