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:: Great Things I’ve Read Lately #52lists

It’s #52lists time!  This week’s list is Great Things I’ve Read Lately.  It’s not the best reads of all time (although some of them could be!) Rather it’s where I’m up to now!

Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys – the film Oranges and Sunshine is based on Margaret’s amazing, sad book. This is an important story.
I Capture The Castle – we read this for our book club and I loved it so much.
Loobylu and Hugo & Elsa – some favourite reads at the moment.
The Guardian : love it, esp the foodie bits
The NY Times: I paid for a subscription because I read it lots and I love to see what Bill Cunningham’s up to.
Little Women – because it warms the cockles of my heart and they say things like ‘kit’ instead of kitten.
Sincerely – because it’s full of great stories and I was lucky enough to have one of mine included too!
What Remains – by a real housewife. VERY well written and such a great glimpse into the Kennedy family.
The Glass Castle – a bio written with such tenacity and positivity. I loved this book

What are you reading?

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xx Pip

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