A Granny A Day – Square 2


This square is from the very excellent book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. It really does have 200 crocheted squares in it – and they are pretty nice squares too! This one is called Arcadia. It uses chain stitch, treble crochet and double crochet. It’s not that tricky, although I did have 3 goes at it, and then make it one round smaller then it’s meant to be. It’s just that it would have been HUGE and I want my squares to be fairly similar in size. The pattern was easy to follow and look how cheery the colours are. I really love cheery. Yes I do. So that all worked out really great. Not perfect, but a pretty good go at great, I think! There are two trebles missing in the top left corner, just so that you don’t think I’m annoyingly super clever. I’m sure there are other mistakes too… but I think it looks cute regardless! Hurrah for nearly right!

Another bonus today :: I went to check out the meeting room at the Carlton Library (which was great) and they happened to have the River Cottage Cookbook in too! I love The River Cottage. Can’t wait to start cooking some things from it! PLUS they had Jan Eaton’s Ripple Crochet Book there too! Land sakes and lucky days!

AND if that wasn’t enough :: The second hand bookstore had not only a vintage book about making Kites, but also a stack of really cute Brownie magazines from the seventies. Heavens to Betsy!

Incidentally:: My internet is half working today! Which is way better then yesterday!

So the thing is :: I am having a great day, despite having a very sore neck! (But let’s not talk about the boring sore neck!)

xx Pip

PS – Haven’t you noticed a lot of people using ‘::’ lately?! I think it makes you look smart and arty. Why don’t you see if it works for you!?!

PPS – A Granny A Day – I’ll upload this lil guy when my internet speeds up a bit later on!


  1. lucykate crafts...

    i know what you mean about :: it’s :: popping :: up :: everywhere :: i :: wonder :: where :: it :: started??

  2. Curlypops Cam :: I don’t know what ‘::’ means! I think it’s a groovy way to say ‘:’ do you think?!

  3. You’re making me lament my loss of Foxtel even more… now I’m realising that I’m missing River Cottage too. I wish I could go and live at River Cottage farm with Hugh.
    PS – what does the thingy in your PS mean?

  4. i will send some photos of my favorite crochet creations when my camera is fixed. in the meantime have you seen the crochet here

  5. Hey – i spotted this link to your book and some comments about how overseas customers can order it – just thought i would pass it on!

  6. teddybearswednesday

    I LOVE it!!! Its sooo beautiful. YOu are so clever!!

  7. I love the colours for that one! I wish I could crochet….the last time I tried, I ended up using it as a sombrero for my barbie doll!….I was 12

  8. Sore necks ARE boring. Painful but boring. I’ve got whiplash from someone who rammed into my car the other day.
    Car’s fine, but my neck … well … I won’t bore you!!

  9. I have been hooking in to your crochet how-to guide. Thank you for providing for the beginners. You are so nice. Would you mind if I used one of your pics to link to your post on my blog?

  10. Happy birthday. What lovely presents and what a lovely blog

  11. Yes! I have totally noticed people using :: ! And since you have given me permission I may just give it a go! You’re right, It does look cool and arty 😉

  12. I really love this post. Really I do!

  13. Pip,

    I love my shiatsu guy and he’s just down the street from you at Fitzroy Shiatsu, 263 Brunswick St. His name’s Nick Russell and his number is 9416-0630. I’m sure he’d get your neck fixed in no time.

  14. ooh! I saw the River Cottage on the tele for the first time last night and i LOVED it!

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