A Granny A Day :: Day 3

A Granny A Day :: Day 3, originally uploaded by meetmeatmikes.

Nearly finished – wanted to take the photo in natural light, though! Brownie’s honour I’ll finish this one off this afternoon! Thanks so much to everyone for their lovely comments and crochet links! If you have any helpful links, pop them in the comments and I’ll collate them all into one post at the end of the week!

xx Pip

PS – Happy Weekend to you!


  1. I love how rich those colors appear! I just wrote a blog post on Thursday about crocheting granny squares (w/links). My favorite video series on learning how to crochet grannies can be found here:


    That is Lesson 1, so be sure to look under “more from” to view other lessons. And don’t let the title of the video fool you, it is about granny squares, not simply learning to crochet.

  2. hello 🙂

    i love the colours in this one! i’ve just posted my first one.. only a little late 🙂

  3. oh, i want to be able to do that! Gorgeous – you’re dedication to a task is very inspiring xo

  4. I love this granny’s colours, and the little plastic animals!

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