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:: Good Things: Big Hearted Business Virtual Conference


A few months ago I found myself in a hotel room with Clare Bowditch. We were both at the ProBlogger conference as speakers and after dinner one night Clare came back to my room to record a podcast. This is not the same as going up to someone’s studio to see their etchings because a) we don’t love each other QUITE like that and b) it was the Gold Coast and too hot for berets.

We had a long chat and sipped cool drinks and talked about life… with a microphone sitting between us. Seems legit, right?!

The results of that beret-less chat are part of a really GOOD THING… The Big Hearted Business Virtual Conference! This is the online-for-all version of the conference Clare staged in March 2013.  Remember that?

I spoke at The Big Hearted Business Conference back then, along with a bunch of other people I truly admire: Lucy Feagins, Rachel Power, Catherine Deveny, Kemi Nekvapil, Kate Tucker, Darren Rowse and Jane Martino to name but a few. They all had SUCH good stuff to say.

Handily, the Big Hearted Business Virtual Conference bundles all those people up and cleverly shoots them through the internet to your place. You can just click on them and they’ll say good stuff to you, too. You don’t even have to take your slippers off! WHAT could be better than that?

Not only did I get to speak at BHB… it changed my life!  For realzz! It helped me to distill the things I wanted to do into one simple (kind of!) prescription. It pushed me to do some things I had always wanted to (like Blog With Pip and some new things I am announcing next year!) It actually DID CHANGE MY LIFE. Thanks CB.


Would you like to change your life? You can buy your Virtual Ticket to that life here. Early bird pricing ends at midnight tonight! Be quick!

How clever is Clare B?!

x Pip

PS: I love this Lisa Mitchell Inspiration Bomb!!!

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