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Did you know that I am sharing holiday wishlists on my blog in the days leading up to Christmas? I totally AM!  I’m sharing the list of people I know and admire.  You can find lots more wishlists in my (free) GOOD STUFF GUIDE.

Today it’s someone I know AND admire… Claire of Loobylu.  My whole blogging career started because of Loobylu. It’s really true.  I’ve always been a writer-y type. I always wanted to write books or write for magazines.  When I found Loobylu’s blog back in 2006 I was so excited.  Here was someone a bit like me who was doing this amazing thing and sharing her good ideas and clever thoughts with the world. OMG.

It was like being hit in the head with something awesome.

I read Claire’s blog for a while and then I wondered if I should start my own.  So I did. And here I am, six years later, hanging with Loobs on MY blog. Awesome.  Claire is possibly the best person on the internet.  She’s remained true to herself and blogged in the way that suits her, no matter WHAT else is going on in the blogging world.  She doesn’t get caught up in all that piffle.  She just runs her own race and shares great things and little bits of her life.  I am very inspired by her.  She is indeed an awesome hit in the head.

Here’s Loobylu…

We are spending Christmas on our little Pacific Northwest island this year. School is only out for two weeks so the holidays are action-packed and special and sweet.

Our extended families will be far away and while that makes us sad, it also means we get to create our own kind of magic and our own traditions and share it with the special friends who have become like family to us in our new home.

I’m looking forward to cutting a tree from the forest, hanging stockings by the wood stove, doing our usual advent activities which includes an odd collection of dress-ups and puppet shows, tasty treats and baking marathons…

We may venture out into the cold in the weeks before the big day to sing carols by the harbour and to visit the bustling Christmas craft markets which are held in old wooden halls decked out in twinkling fairy lights — and to see Santa, of course, who will arrive by floatplane, waving cheerfully to the crowd as he alights onto the dock.

Christmas day will be rainy, guaranteed, and there’s always the exciting possibility of sharing the day with a bunch of snowflakes. And friends are guaranteed – who will arrive with a cooked turkey (hopefully, as the cooking of a massive bird still terrifies me).

We may get to celebrate the New Year with mulled, spiked cider, standing around a bonfire on a farm where old Christmas trees will be tossed to burn, a tower of flames and sparks reaching up into the night sky. And then home, to kiss our children goodnight and make resolutions, simply to have something to break in the coming weeks. Happy holidays!

My list:

1. Lille Huset house to decorate with the kids

2. Maggie Alderson’s new book “Everything Changes but You”  I am such a fan and it’s not available to buy here in Canada so I’m hoping my mum sends it to me from Australia.

3. A Subscription to Uppercase Magazine. Actually I already bought this – a little early christmas present for myself. The present that keeps on giving.

4. Family tickets to the Nutcracker in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for a very special night out.

5. Finally – a studio please – my little desk is proving to be too crowded for my crafty pursuits – overflowing onto every available surface in the house. In the meantime I just keep collecting inspiration


What’s on your wishlist?

x Pip

PS: Spellcheck wanted me to change the word “Loobylu’s” to “boobys” !!!  How rude!


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