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We are wishlisting right up until Christmas on Meet Me At Mike’s. I’ve asked a few people I know and/or admire to share their Holiday wishlists with us (you can find even more wishlists in my Holiday Guide here!)

Today it’s Deborah from Kickcan and Conkers.  She and I have been blogging pals for a long time. Lucky for ME! Deborah’s got a keen, clever, creative eye and she shares her finds and thoughts on her blog super regularly. I love that. I used to be the most prolific blogger in the universe (<<< may be exaggerating!), and I super love a busy blog.  I especially love a busy, beautiful blog. Deborah’s blog is just that.  Here’s some things that Ms Kickcan chose for her wishlist. I think they are VERY lovely!


Here’s Deborah::

After spending all my adult life in the south of France, Christmas is no longer synonymous with snow, sherry and mince pies (well, alright, we do have the odd Christmas Pudding). Christmas really is about family for me, spending time with your loved ones, finding them the perfect present, giving and enjoying nice food, a walk on the beach, a bottle of champagne.

Our children are growing up and our parents are not getting any younger, so we’re always thankful for being able to spend another year together, that alone is cause to celebrate, I think.

I can’t wait!

Want, want, want. It’s so easy isn’t it, now that we have Pinterest and are plugged into our virtual worlds twenty-four hours a day? I must ‘pin’ hundreds of new images, new products, new homes, new lifestyles every week, but if I stop and think hard, separate the wheat from the chaff, these are the top five things on my Christmas Wishlist this year:

click image to visit/buy at The Light Fantastic

1) To finally spend some time with one of my closest school friends, who recently returned to the UK after living in Australia for more than twenty years (the founder and head designer of Oblong Children’s Clothes in Fremantle, WA). We’ve kept in contact, started families, built our separate lives, but still giggle on the phone like teenagers. I’m looking forward to meeting Becca in London very soon.

click image to visit source : Made In Persbo

2) To have a bath. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m clean, but when we moved into our present home we decided to make it as ecological as possible so we only have showers. I’m happy with that but the Brit in me yearns for a good soak sometimes. Our solution is to create an outside bathroom in our beautiful garden full of olive trees. We’ll use water from one of the wells and I shall bathe the rustic way. Update next Summer, I promise!

click image to visit the maker, Mosgos

3) I need a new Winter wardrobe, really. Last year I just decided I’d had enough wearing the same old clothes so I gave a lot a way to charity. A bit of a mid-life crisis there. My cupboards are bare, well minimal, so I’m slowly building up a new collection of clothes that really reflect the “new me”. I love original accessories, so this handspun, handknitted collar would be just perfect.

click image to vista Trendenser.se (and see more about this mood board!)

4) I’m loving this plywood trend at the moment and although I really can’t cope with too much “inspiration” when I’m offline, I like the idea of creating a plywood moodboard that I could prop up in our bedroom, living room, office space, anywhere really. Easy-peasy, cheap and versatile, yeah, definitely on my wishlist this year Santa!

click image to see more of Deborah’s Swedish weekend on Poppytalk

5) Last but not least, I really want to spend more time in Sweden next year. I used to go there a lot when I was younger and was lucky to go to Stockholm in September for a long weekend. I love that city, and I’m looking forward to another trip in February when I attend the Blogger’s Meeting there. A family Summer holiday is on the cards and a Summer holiday cottage of our own one day would be just a dream!


Thanks for wishlisting with us, Deborah B!

What’s on YOUR wish list? Are you a Kickcan and Conkers fan like me?

x Pip

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