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Hello! Did you know that I released my Good Stuff Holiday Guide a wee while ago? I did! Did you know that I asked quite a few of my pals to submit a wishlist for that very guide? I did! And I thought I would KEEP asking my pals and people I admire about their holiday wish lists in the coming weeks. It’s pretty nice to gain an insight into the things people like… what makes them tick.  And it’s super good to get tips and threads of ideas for your own Holiday fun times, right?

First up on my blog is Nikki!  Did you know that Nikki and I worked together on JustB for quite a while? Yep. We did!  We met each other for the very first real life time earlier this year and it was SO GOOD to have a squeeze and a chatter and get to know each other better.

Nikki taught me a lot about being a more profesh blogger, because I am a bit of a renegade.  She’s NOT a renegade. She’s got it ALL together (especially her hair, which does not resemble my bird’s-nest masquerading as a top knot look.  Hers is more contemporary Charlie’s Angel sans inappropriate volume.)

Here’s Nikki’s wish list.  Bookmark it if you are her pal because she’ll totes love you to pieces if you swing something on here her way. (Don’t all buy the SAME candles, now!)

Here’s Nik:

Christmas used to be about work. As a journo – especially back in the day as a young one – you’d be rostered on to work that day more often than not. Now that I’m not at the mercy of the roster, Christmas is about breathing, taking time out, relaxing, good food, plenty of champagne and napping on demand.


With a 7 year old in the house, Christmas Day is an early start, followed by a beach swim and brekky of mangos, freshly carved ham and champagne. There is always champagne.


If we’re staying home and not travelling to family in Brisbane, then lunch will be my favourite salads, prawns, more ham and Mr Styling You usually likes to show off by cooking a turkey in honour of his English roots. I make him cook it outside in honour of my stinking hot QLD roots.

This is very much a dream list. We’re skipping pressies for us this year as we’ve got our eye on our next holiday (although my husband has been known to break this self-imposed ban so I’ll be prepared).

Thanks for your wishlist of Nikki-ness, Nik!

Lots more wishlists here over the coming couple of weeks. Or go here to read The Good Stuff Holiday Guide (with wishlists from Clare Bowditch, Gemma Jones, Foxs Lane, Gourmet Girlfriend and LOTS more people I know!)

x Pip


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