How Good Are: Phone Cases That Seem Like Pets?!

Keora Keora Tokyo

Phones are super useful things, so it makes perfect sense to reward them for their handy-dandyness by snuggling them into something decorative and adorable. Like these phone covers! Gasp.

Not only do they cleverly combine embroidery, fluffy fabric and florals, they look at you supportively as you ponder calling the gas company or your mother or your buddy.

How could you possibly resist?

(Well… you might if you can’t work out how to communicate with the site that sells them, which is mostly in Japanese… Google Translate? AirTasker translator? The choice is yours!)

Which one is your fave?

x Pip

Keora Keora Tokyo Keora Keora Tokyo


PLUS they also sell this…! Which is kind of amazing, right?!


Keora Keora Tokyo Keora Keora Tokyo

Found via LunaWorks on Pinterest : Thank you!

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