When I was kicking around on Instagram in the dead of night last week, I found a great account called Little Lit Book Series. Lucky for us, they’ve got an actual blog too and it is from there that these delightful books were plucked.


Little Lit Book Series Little Lit Book Series Little Lit Book Series Little Lit Book Series Little Lit Book Series

All images are by The Little Lit Book Series
Pop over to their blog to read reviews of these great books and many more.

In an absolute tsunami of information, it can be heartening to find clever people with bright ideas and thoughtful recommendations. The Little Lit Book Series gang is THAT. (The bright bit not the tsunami bit!)

For those of us that love to buy books for the kiddos in our life, or let’s face it, buy kids’ books for ourselves and pretend they’re for some imaginary child, blogs like this are a godsend.

What I like about LLBS is that they focus on books that are beautiful AND cover issues like diversity, the arts, delicious food, equality,  history, complicated feelings and more.

The featured books are curated by passionate literary enthusiasts, people who like hanging out with kids and expert-y types too. They share their thoughts on what lies between the pages, as well as a snazzy snap of the cover (and sometimes a peek at what’s inside, image-wise, too!)

#littlelitbookseries is a thoughtful and considered collection of children’s books shared on a different theme each month from a group of educators, librarians, artists and writers,” the Little Lit Book Series gang confirm on their blog.

You can follow along with their Instagram if you are a dead-of-night Instagram scroller like me, as well.

I really can’t think of a better bunch of people to take notice of, actually…

Which book blogs do you enjoy reading – or following on Instagram? I’d love some recommendations on more clever types like this!

x Pip


PS: AND which kids books are you loving at the moment?!

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    • Chris

    • 3 years ago

    That’s an excellent blog. Thank you for sharing!
    Two of my favorites ever are William’s Doll and Goodnight, Mr. Tom.

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