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How Good Are: Avocado Friendship Necklaces?!

avocado friendship necklace

Look. I’m not even kidding. This might just be the most adorable buddy-buddy necklace I have ever seen!

Not only are they delightfully cute, but you can choose an avocado WITH a face or WITHOUT a face, just in case that is important to you. I am not sure why you’d choose one sans face, but that’s just me. I’m judgemental like that.

Snaffle your own set of match-matchy avos at Lithuanian-based Etsy store Clay Creations Forever. Then you and your bestie can sport everybody’s favourite big-seeded fruit all the day long!

OR… if you’re one of the few quirky types who doesn’t fancy avocado, they also make OTHER excellent friendship necklace pairings. Think egg and bacon, PB and jelly, crackers and cheese, milk and cookies or Mac and cheese (and that’s just for starters!)

Stop it with the cute already! It’s too much. No really. Why do I feel likeΒ Mac and Cheese?

xx Pip

{Found via Sara H on Pinterest : thank you!}


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