Giveaway: Win a Classic Countdown pack (thanks to the ABC!)

Kids in the Kitchen on Countdown

Do you want to hear a really cute story? And win a prize, maybe? You do? Okay. Cool.

On Sunday nights, my mum and I watch Classic Countdown together. Mum lives in Tasmania and I live in Melbourne, but on Sundays at 6pm we make a cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine) flip the telly on, grab our phones and get our Molly on.

It’s very exciting to see which year we’re up to, and who is doing the promo piece-to-cameras, and who will be in the studio. This week, Laura Branigan drove in – amidst the crowd of kids – singing Gloria. Last week, Simple Minds were swinging the satchels and lurching about. There’s been a lot of Inxs. Olivia Newton-John. Duran Duran. ABBA. Pseudo Echo. Elton. The Go Betweens. The Church. A great and quite controversial band called The Fruit Pastilles (which I had forgotten about). The list goes on. The stars are unforgettable and forgotten, in equal parts.

As the episodes play out, we message back and forth with short comments about what’s on screen. Some of those comments included:

Me: “Molly’s posh accent! LOL!”

Mum: “Proper lyrics. And eyelashes!”

Me: “I do like The Knack, tho.”

Mum: “Here goes Kate Bush!”

Me: “He’s sort of like Michael Hutchence’s older, plumper brother…”

Mum: “Johnny Rotton sounding SO sensible.”

Me: “Nice harmonies too… and hair.”

Mum: “I like some of these. Not Iggy Pop though.”

Me: “Again with JoJo Zep?”

Mum: “Ah, David Bowie.”

Me: “OMG! LEIF!”

Mum: “Cake was very nice, rich.”

(Last one is not related to Classic Countdown but still important.)

Countdown was a huge, massive, epic, giant part of my life, growing up (and I bet many readers feel the same) so it’s pure bliss to revisit it each week. Completely bolstering, in fact.

Such is my love for Classic Countdown that the ABC got in touch and offered me a really ace prize pack to give away to one lucky and clever Meet Me At Mike’s reader. I KNOW!

The prize pack contains: One Classic Countdown tote, one Classic Countdown CD and one Classic Countdown t-shirt. 

(If you fancy snaffling some of these things for Christmas gifts, the Classic Countdown album is out now – and the limited edition t-shirts and tote bags are available/nearly available at!)

TO ENTER: please comment below and tell me why you fancy winning this ace prize.

Good luck!! Do yourself a favour and watch the show, lovers!

x Pip

PS: Huge thanks to Jill at the ABC for these goodies!

Classic Countdown prizes

Fine print:
Open to people with Australian postal address only.
Pip’s favourite response will win.
Giveaway finishes at MIDNIGHT on 20th November 2017.
Winner contacted via email on 23rd November 2017.
Prize will be posted by Pip once winner’s address is confirmed.



  1. Hi Pip!
    Countdown! Loved the show so much. Brings back memories of my time of wearing Staggers Jeans, of Norman Gunston being silly, of Molly being out of it. Girls screaming. Red Symons prancing around. It seemed so professional at the time we watched it. It was THE thing to watch and THE place for a band to get a gig and how we all looked forward to Sunday nights! I can’t even figure out how to turn our Telly on anymore with all the different remotes but looks like I will be able to watch it online. Thanks for sharing your love of Countdown. Would love to win the pack to get the word out there ! Jen xo

  2. Countdown brings back so many happy memories of my childhood. All of us kids rocking out with our air guitars and the TV as loud as it will go.

  3. Growing up in a small country town in the late 70s-early 80s with only two TV channels (BTV6 and ABC) meant Sunday nights were of grave importance and reverence: Countdown. As the youngest of three, I was under strict instruction from my older brothers to not make a sound ‘No coughing!’ lest they miss a parp during a sax solo from a Wham!/Duran Duran/Spandau song. I always wanted to be one of the girls in the audience swaying from side to side withal strand of tinsel. All my musical education came from Countdown and thank god for that!

  4. My mum was/is an avid countdown fan, much to my humiliation when she starts singing her songs and says im on countdown lol
    she would love to rock out old school style with this pack

  5. I loved Countdown back then and even after all these years the possibility that I could wear, carry and listen to a little piece of that cultural history leaves me feeling all excited and quite wistful.

  6. My hubby has been watching Classic Countdown religiously on Sunday nights. I usually end up joining him, but we are yet to convince our 11 year old daughter to sit through a whole Classic Countdown show. Not that hubby hasn’t tried – recounting stories of when his brother living with members of ‘Men at Work’ or what he was doing and how old he was when the Countdown show was first aired. And singing along – although our daughter ‘fines’ him 5 cents every time he does so and she hears it – she calls it a ‘musical offence’. I fancy winning this ace prize so that our daughter will have the perfect present to give to her classic Dad … a ‘Classic Countdown’ pack – and I’d suggest at least a week free of musical offences so he can listen and sing along to his heart’s content!

  7. My grandkids , keep coming out of their rooms while I have Count Down on . Miss 11 was caught singing Heart of Glass with hairbrush mic. into the mirror, she has searched it on YouTube. I’d love to educate her further and win this pack.

  8. LOVE! So much fun! But the best thing is looking at the ‘horror’ on my nearly 13 year olds face as I sing along – priceless!! Heh heh!

  9. I’m 55 now but Classic Countdown transforms me back to my youth, I sing and dance around the lounge and am full of joy. Can’t remember where I put my car keys but can remember the words to every song.

  10. Loving Countdown on Sunday nights soooo much! It’s such a trip down memory lane. But the best part for us is introducing our girls (age 9 and 12) to so many awesome artists that we’d almost forgotten about. And they love it as much as we do!!

  11. Quality music show of the 80’s, do yourself a favour Australia. Go Molly!

  12. Countdown was special as my dad was the ruler of the TV and he woukd forego football on a Sunday night just so I could watch Countdown! Thanks Dad!

  13. I’ve been absolutely loving watching Classic Countdown on Sunday nights. As a 1985 baby I didn’t get to watch it the first time around, but my parents would talk about how great Countdown was and I agree! It’s been great seeing some old and new favourites performing and reading the trivia on screen.

  14. As a kid I watched classic countdown with my parents, now every Sunday we sit down with my daughter and do the same. We adults reminisce about the bands we loved and laugh about the one hit wonders. Our 7year old last week got to the tv before me and she called out “look Mum it’s David Bowie” so she’s getting her music education off to a flying start! Music has the power to bring back memories so as the old ones flood back we get to add to them through the eyes of a new generation.

  15. This is for 13 year old me, a devoted viewer and reader of the Countdown Magazine! I remember watching Countdown took away the yuk Sunday night feelings of dreading Monday and school. Thanks for such a great comp, Pip! ×

  16. Countdown was and is the absolute soundtrack to my life! Essential Sunday night viewing, and then the following Saturday night (when they would repeat it) I would sit right up against the VCR waiting to press record when my favourite song came on (this was towards the end of its run, when VCRs were invented!).

  17. I love the branding of Countdown, before it was called branding. They nailed it. We watched it, sisters in arms. The best part was the intersection between mainstream and alternative. Wish I had of been studio audience at some stage.

  18. My bestie (and neighbour) Shelley and I would not miss an episode!! Particular favourites included Pat Benetar’s We Are Young and Hot Chocolate’s Girl Crazy – so we could re-enact the street dance sequences going from her place to mine, or vice versa depending on who’s house we watched it at!! Did I mention she won the 3XY competition to meet Duran Duran?! That’s a whole other story! Loved loved loved Countdown, kept us bored suburban girls in touch with a cool cool world of music ??

  19. LOVE Countdown!!! My poor ol’ hubby has been feeling his age…and grumbling just a wee bit about it too. He’d love a little trip down his hip memory lane and some tunes as a reminder that he really can still shake his tail feather.

  20. Sunday nights were the best! We would have a ‘picnic’ dinner on the lounge room floor with left over Sunday roast beef/lamb sandwiches (can’t eat either as an adult but that’s another story) Loved Countdown and all the outrageous antics. It introduced me to my life long lives in music like ABBA. Have loved reliving those moments. Music that defined a generation…How sad my kids can’t live the Countdown experience!

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