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:: GIVEAWAY : Win A MAP Bella Coffee Machine

A few weeks ago Map Coffee emailed me to ask if my readers (you guys!) might be the kind of people who would like to win a coffee machine. I said that you were a totally hardworking bunch and that I am sure that you would… and thank you very much.  THEN they emailed back to say that they wanted to give me one too. Generous types.  One for me. One for you. Bam.

It was quite good that they gave me a machine too, because it has given me the chance to have a go and see what it’s like.  Let me tell you about that…

To be TOTALLY honest, when I told Cam that we were getting one of these coffee machines he was not impressed.  He furrowed his brow. He thought they were gimmicky and dinky. He was yet to be convinced.

I, on the other hand, was totally convinced. I was even excited.  My sister has a similar machine and when I went to visit her I had a rollicking good time making way too many cups of coffee for myself.  I was a bit excited at the prospect of not having to fly to Sydney to use one of these machines. Win!  What a saving in airline tickets! OMG!

So, fast forward from the convinced/unconvinced to the bestowed.  We got our coffee machine from Map a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been giving it a good run. Let me tell you this: Cam stopped furrowing his brow. He started making me coffee AS WELL as cups of tea. He even started tripping off to Officeworks to buy extra coffee pods.


Here’s what I think.

It’s more fun than putting on your shoes and going around the corner to get coffee at the cafe. You can even wear your pyjamas on this coffee run. Also, the machine does not laugh at bed hair.
It’s cheap. The coffee pods are around $6 for 10 serves.  That’s how much we pay for two coffees. We are ahead already. Especially because we didn’t have to fork out for a machine.
I can make it the way I like in the cup I like. (The cup I like is actually a Willow patterned sugar bowl.)
The coffee has a lovely crema. I didn’t expect that.
It works for us. We all use it a couple of times a day.
Cam totes loves it.
Coffee is rad
I like the black coffee pod the best
The kids have been making themselves hot chocolates (there are CHOCOLATE pods!!)
I love it.

I can sneak a quick coffee in when I am busy in the afternoon. Usually I wouldn’t have an afternoonie because I don’t have time to wait for hip cats with moustaches to make my coffee (as nice as hip coffee cats are!) The machine came with a milk frother/warmer, and it actually ends up being much nicer than my usual takeaway which seems to thin out in transit. Creamier, stronger and in my favourite cup = yay.

I am super-liking having a Pip-style coffee whenever I like, ESPECIALLY because I get up really early (between 5 and 6) to start my day. It has been super nice to make myself a fancy coffee first thing.

I am following it with a smoothie chaser and some avocado or Ajvar on toast, most days.  Maybe you want to do that too, if you win? Or even if you don’t?!

The prize : A Map Bella Coffee Machine (the type with the coffee pods) and a starter pack including the milk warmer and a selection of coffee.  The total prize pack is valued at $349.


To enter you need to :
Comment below (and be sure to keep an eye on your Facebook messages in case you win!)
Like Meet Me at Mike’s on Facebook > here
Like Map Coffee on Facebook > here 

Winner will be drawn randomly on Wednesday  17th October at 12 noon.

Enter by then to be in the running to win!
Australian entrants only please and thank you!


Good luck!
I hope you win!
x Pip

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    best frother
    April 10, 2017 at 4:27 PM

    This is an awesome coffee machine.

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