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I have ‘known’ Hailey Bartholomew for quite a while, in online terms. Remember when I wrote about her smart, interesting kids Zali and Poppy here? And we looked at Emily and Zali’s film here? Yes?

Well, recently I got to meet the whole gang, including the clever Andrew Bartholomew, when I was in Sydney a few weeks ago. Hailey gave a really great keynote talk at a blogging event I was part of. It moved many people to tears and proved what I already knew, really. That Hailey and her family are a rad gang. That they hang their hats on fun, joy, dreams, ideas, creativity, honesty and the kind of beauty money can not buy.

The Bartholomew’s mission seems to involve passion, mindfulness, playfulness and fresh perspective. I’m very interested in all those things. It’s really very motivating seeing other people making those things happen in their life. Don’t you think so? Yes?

Recently Hailey flew to Groote Eylandt to take some photos for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. See those here.

Our paths seem to be crossing more and more! I’m heading to Queensland for the very first time to a speak at this blogging conference where Hailey is also taking a class (as is Clare Bowditch and host of other smart types!) You might want to go to that?

But back to Hailey. And the giveaway….

You might know that Hailey-Mew and family have worked on a project called 365 Grateful together? It’s one of the many great things they have been up to. ย Luckily they’ve given me a copy of the BOOK 365 Gratefuls to give away. Why don’t you have a go at winning it?!

Win A Copy Of 365 Gratefuls


Thanks for reading! Good luck with the giveaway!

xx Pip

hailey bartholomew

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