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Gilmorealong: Season One: Episode Four

After quite a long break, the confirmation of the Netflix four episode Gilmore Girls revival has me super excited. So let’s take up where we left off and Gilmorealong again, revisiting Episode 4! (Scroll down to the bottom for links to previous Gilmorealong posts!)

Episode Title: The Deer Hunters

This is the episode where Rory gets a reality check about the pressures of attending a fancy school, studying too hard and roaming wildlife. She’s also harassed by a boy (‘Later, Mary!) and bullied by Paris Geller. Really, I don’t know how Rory doesn’t stay under the blankets eating Twinkies or some-such in these early Chilton days. It’s so TOUGH. Ugh. Paris is such a cow.

Drella and Michel have a bit of a harp fight which is a thing that can happen if you combine a cheesy Inn with a cranky string player.

A review is published for The Independence Inn and it sends things into a downward spiral as Sukie (rightly) takes offence to the word ‘fine’.

Lorelai examines her dreams for Rory after some tricky times at Chilton.



After you watch: Things I noted/liked

Lorelai likes stationery shopping as much as I do.
Rory’s knee socks are very on trend now.
Mrs Kim’s antique shop is pretty badly merchandised.
Deers love salt? I didn’t know that.
Rory is pretty epic when she freaks out.
Lorelai and Max are so cute together.
Lorelai is so sweet and honest when she talks to Rory.
Lorelai will do almost anything to advocate for Rory.
‘Il Duce’ is an excellent insult.
Il Duce is so pompous it hurts my stomach.
I love Sookie. She’s like a dog with a bone with that food critic. PLUS – many bandannas.

More on the four NEW eps here.
Listen to Gilmore Guys.


Max and Lorelei

Gilmore looks

Terrifyingly shiny pinky-red jacket with button up pink shirt and blue jeans
Brownish animal print shirt teamed with greyish pencil skirt
Animal print tee and blue jeans
Blueish animal print shirt teamed with blackish pencil skirt
B52s tank, pencil skirt, blazer
Burgundy v-neck with sparkly trim, red pencil skirt
Track pants and green printed l/s tee
Mauve shirt, blue leather skirt

Stripey tee, denim jacket, brown cords?
Chilton uniform and many, many school bags.
Chalet style knit and jeans

Some kind of green shirt/blue jean combo
White shirt and jeans

Green chef’s jacket/garb
Pink chef’s jacket/garb
Peach chef’s jacket/garb


gilmore games bingo s01 E04

Foodie mentions in this episode

Ice cream
Tomato and Herb Salad
Lobster Bisque
Risotto. Magic risotto.
Pasta with Brown Sage and Butter Sauce
Porcini Mushrooms and Morels
French fries with horseradish sauce

Books mentions/appearances
Many things by Shakespeare

Things they are watching or talking about watching
Saved By The Bell

Our Gilmore Girls Playlist is below.
(I’m updating it with each episode’s tracks as we Gilmorealong!)
NB – not sure if it will show up on email/RSS – click through to see if not!



A few fave lines

Lorelai: Now these erasers are on lithium, so they may seem cheerful but we actually caught them trying to shove themselves in the pencil sharpener earlier.

Michel: You’re stupid, blind and clumsy.
Drella: Well at least I’m not French.

Drella: Wonder if Versace makes a pacifier.

(when Rory arrives)
Lorelai: Behold in theaters now, the thing that reads a lot!

Lorelai: What is going on here? We are young and fiery women. Studying? Shopping lists? Where’s ‘to hell with it all’? Where’s ‘Throwing caution to the wind’?

Rory: Lorelai go to your room!
Lorelei: Wow, smart girls are mean.

(about a Snickers bar)
Mrs Kim: That is chocolate covered death.
Rory: With a creamy caramel surprise.

(Drella is playing the harp)
Lorelai: No Black Sabbath, no Steely Dan, no Boston and no Queen.
Drella: What happened to make you so cold?


Discussion points:

Which bits were your faves?
Do you think Paris is particularly sadistic in this ep?
How many pencil skirts does Lorelai own?
Aren’t the quilt’s in Mrs Kim’s shop pretty?
Where are Emily and Richard?


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