Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.13.30 PMShake It Up!


Guess what?! Surprise! I turned my popular eCourse Inspiration Information For Bloggers into my very first eBook! How useful is that?!

Renamed Shake It Up!  30 Days To A Rad, More True-To-You Blog (in honour of bloggers and Taylor Swift) this book is a really fun, daily blog-improvement guide.

Shake It Up!  is 98 pages in length. It’s in an easy to read magazine style PDF format and can be read on a whole bunch of devices/things.

Each day of Shake It Up! will take you on a journey to a better blog. Rather than turning your blog into a carbon copy of someone else’s, this book focuses on honing your blog’s content and look so that it’s enjoyable, meaningful and a better reflection of YOU. How good does that sound?

I think you’re going to LOVE it!

Shake It Up! is full of excellent ways to spruce up your blog and hone your editorial direction.

Download some OTHER free blog-improving printables here –>  blog with pip printables.

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