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Friday Night Lights: What to watch, make, read, eat, buy + do this weekend

October 30, 2020

What even is a weekend? I for one do not know. What I DO know is that today is apparently Friday and that means it’s time for this list of helpful bits and bobs to peruse … just in case YOU know what a weekend is!


1/ The first episode of The Undoing is now up on I LOVED it. Gosh. Can’t wait to watch the rest. Nicole Kidman is brilliant and beautiful and best-dressed. It’s based on the book You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz. There is lots of Nicole walking in coats, which I know Lizzy Stewart would love.

2/ Song Exploder. I watched the Alicia Keys episode of this new Netflix series (which is based on the not new podcast of the same name) and I loved it. So interesting to watch the birth of a song and peek into studio life and collaboration and lyric-writing.

3/ New Girl. This is a rewatch for me and I have been chortling loudly through every episode. If you are feeling that you need to move away from darker viewing, then this could be an ace idea for you. It’s currently on Netflix or SBS On Demand.

4/ Another Netflix tip. The Queen’s Gambit is next on my watchlist. Perhaps you have already seen it? It’s based on the book by Walter Tevis and while Rolling Stone says it plods along, I’m still keen.

5/ The latest trailer for the next season of The Crown. Gillian Anderson! “She will break.” Shudder

6/ A snipped of Helen Mirren as Billy Bush on Sarah Cooper’s new show. Whut? Genius. (Features spicy language.)


Allegory of Charles I of England and Henriette of France in a Vanitas Still Life

1/ The Secret Language of Still Lifes: I am a bit of an art history dunce, so I loved reading this story about what all the objects in those lush still lifes might mean. – “Peaches: good health” and “Bread: the body of Christ, everyday life, humility.” Who knew?!

2/ Skip to 14.80 in this podcast to hear ten-year-old Sophie’s brilliant take on Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album. “It was mental torture!” TOO RIGHT, Sophie!

3/ Australia’s first indigenous breakfast TV show is coming very, very soon. More here.

4/ Lots more details about the estate where the reboot of Rebecca was filmed and how the set design was approached here. Or how about a Rebecca hoodie? Or some more intel on the costume design? “I studied a lot of Wallis Simpson’s looks, and also Coco Chanel’s, particularly during the period when she was having an affair with the Duke of Westminster, and would wear a lot of men’s oversized tweed jackets,” says costume designer Julian Day.

5/ Take a peek at the best hotel libraries in the world. Swoon. How is this not a thing in Australia? Maybe it is? Is it? I don’t go to hotels.

6/ David Beckham made an autumn wreath with his wee gal Harper. It turned out brilliantly and he’s being hailed as the King of Cottagecore now!

7/ Harry Styles broke down outside a fan’s house while she was out. Her family let him in while they waited for auto-repair help arrived, he fed her fish and wrote her a lovely note. Amazing!! So sweet!!

8/ The amazing art of Anna Hoyle (below). You must pop over here to see more. You simply MUST.

These twisty candles are gorgeous. The colours are so cheering, aren’t they?! Find them at Kiosk 48th, along with heaps of other great stuff.

I love looking at maximalist interiors. It’s a bit like a game of I Spy, isn’t it? This one is amazing!! Lots more photos at that link, too.

An amazing, clever floral chandelier … See it here.

This utterly adorable Dear Diary lip balm from Neighbourhood Botanicals. How cute!!

These Pull-Apart Sour Cream and Chive Rolls look delicious! Perfect for a rainy weekend. Recipe at Bon Appetit.

1/ I made this Julia Child Tuna-Salad Sandwich earlier in the week and it was bloody delicious!! Recipe here.

2/ This chicken salad (below) is perfect picnic fodder, in my opinion. Grab the recipe here.

3/ I love Felicity Cloake and I am definitely going to make this tart this weekend. It’s so, so, so yellow and homemade-y! I’m loving the humble, unstyled photo, too. Grab the recipe here.

1/ The Crochet Project’s Diamond Geezer Sock Pattern looks pretty ace, doesn’t it? Found via Tales From A Happy House.

2/ World Vision Australia are helping to fund this important sewing enterprise in Kenya, giving women and girls vocational opportunities and much-needed support. Read more here.

1/ A Wild and Precious Life edited by Lily Dunn and Zoe Gilbert looks heartfelt and helpful.

2/ I’m busting to get my mitts on English Pastoral by James Redbanks. I flipped through it at the book shop (they’re open again, as of Wednesday) but had to put it back. The tiny bits I read seemed marvellous.

3/ home body by Rupi Kaur:  “home body is a collection of raw, honest conversations with oneself – reminding readers to fill up on love, acceptance, community, family, and embrace change.” Well that sounds lovely. Thank you, Rupi.

Something Rhymes With Purple: An award-winning podcast for word nerds. Listen here.

A podcast all about puffins? Why yes please, madam. Bring it on! Listen to Planet Puffin here.

My friend Victoria recommended You’re Wrong About and I subscribed immediately. She had just listened to the Jessica Simpson eps, and gave it a thumbs up.

A few weeks ago Rage had a brilliant special on ’80s and ’90s hip hop. I made it into a playlist, in case that is your cup of tea! Voila!

And also this Karen O/Willy Nelson duet. Sob.

Phat Mod Vintage Clothing on Instagram. So many great images, including this kit ‘n’ caboodle. Follow here.

This week’s Pip of the Week is … the amazing Pip Courtney from ABC Landline. She’s getting to the bottom of COVID in Ireland in the clip below or here. Listen out for the cow and the wrong semen story!

I hope you enjoyed FNL for this week. I really love putting it together for you! Please do get in touch if you have feedback or story ideas to include.

x Pip

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  • Reply Sarah November 3, 2020 at 8:51 PM

    I was a bit dubious about The Queens Gambit but spooled it up on Netflix. What a great yarn – who knew a story about chess could be so addictive? My two teens (13 and 16) LOVED it, so much so they want us to only watch one episode a night so we can make it last as long as possible.

  • Reply Reannon October 30, 2020 at 3:45 PM

    Love FNL Pip.

    I’ve been rewatching New Girl for the last few weeks & it’s everything I’ve needed. Funny, bonkers & very light. Perfect!

    I preordered Rupi’s book a while back & can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’s not my usual bag but I always enjoy what she puts up on her Insta & thought I should throw my support behind her by buying her book.

    Happy non-lockdown weekend Pip xx

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