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Fresh Frocks a la Rosery Apparel

There is nothing Spring-ier than a fresh Spring frock and these particular frocks are not only ultra fresh, they are locally and ethically made too.

This is just the kind of thing I’m into.

When I shop for things to wear, I either buy second-hand OR I snaffle ethically made. I think it’s really important to try to avoid the mass-market, fast-fashion culture that has become the norm.

Who wants to buy a pair of socks that will annoyingly shrink to the size of a soggy prune when washed? Not me! Who relishes purchasing a cardigan that pops all its buttons AND unravels at the seam after just one wear? Not I. Nope. LET ALONE who wants to buy something that’s been made by someone who is ill-treated or poorly paid? I prefer not to, thank you very much. Sheesh.


Rosery Apparel SkirtMabel-Dress---Pink-Floral1


I’m always on the lookout for labels that care about quality and the bigger picture, ethics-wise. Rosery Apparel is one of those. It’s a small but significant brand doing cute and careful things out of my birth state (Tasmania!)

Janelle Duff is the clever lass behind the sewing machine.

“A huge part of why I started making my own clothing in the first place was to have clothing that’s uniquely my style, and know that no-one else in the world wore the same clothing as me,” Janelle explains.

“As Rosery Apparel is made from recycled products, there is only ever enough fabric for each item of clothing to be one or two of a kind, ensuring that each garment you purchase will be unique to just you.”

There are quite a few dresses in the online store or you could drop Janelle a line if you are after something in particular?

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Fresh frocks, here we come!

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    Melissa Gaggiano
    September 6, 2016 at 9:07 AM

    Looks like just my style.

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