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:: The Fourth Annual Softies For Mirabel :: Handmade Toys For Rad Kids!


Have you heard of Softies For Mirabel? It’s a project we all work on together and it is REALLY great and important.

The Mirabel Foundation is based in Melbourne. Mirabel was set up by the amazing Jane Rowe. They do really important work providing help to kids who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their Mum or Dad’s drug addiction. A lot of these kids end up in the care of grandparents (who may be elderly) or other extended family, and it is obviously a really sad and challenging time for everyone. Mirabel steps in and provides assistance and counselling in all sorts of practical, respectful and positive ways to help these families. They do VERY IMPORTANT work and we try to support them in a handmade way : as well as encouraging you to donate to Mirabel. It’s really vital that we open our eyes to the experiences of these families. We must not turn away. I guess this project is one way to make a small difference and let these great kids know that they are not forgotten, and they are ace.

Here is what to do ::
We want you to make SOFTIES! YES! We are putting the call out once more to YOU and your friends and your relatives to spend some time making a toy (or many toys) for the Mirabel kids. Spend some time making something lovely for a great kid : because these kids might like a trusty buddy to snuggle down with. And because softies are very good listeners, right?
You might want to do this solo… or have a crafternoon… or do it as a school or community group. Upload your softie making pictures here so we can see what you are up to! The toys we all make will be displayed in the window of our store for ONE WEEK only! :
From Wednesday 1st December until Wednesday 7th December

So this is the week when lucky Melbourne people can come and take a real life peek at them all en masse. If you are not in Melbourne you can view the toys as they arrive here. We upload images regularly there, so you won’t miss out on seeing any! THEN, the toys will all be sent on (carefully!) to The Mirabel Foundation to gift to the kids they support. Each toy will be cleverly matched to it’s new owner with the utmost care. It’s great that we all make these toys, because it saves Mirabel buying things to gift to their kids… and hand made is always MUCH better, isn’t it?! Yes.
What to Make?
Toys can be knitted, crocheted or sewn. Keep in mind that some toys will go to cute lil babies, so we need some without buttons and other choking hazards. But we also need some for older kids too :: so make the kind of toy YOU would love to receive. You can see some of the toys from previous years here (there are some great toys :: go look!!) There are some links to free toy patterns over here and also here and here :: if you have any links or toy ideas to share, you can do it here. Go wild, I say! You should upload an image of your toy to the Flickr group before you send it : Flickr accounts are FREE!
You can send your toy to ::
Softies for Mirabel
Meet Me at Mike’s
63 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy Victoria 3065

Toys need to reach us by Wednesday 7th December at the latest : so if you are mailing from overseas be sure to get a healthy head start on your making and post early.
You can sign up here!!
Softies For Mirabel 2009
Mikes - Mirabel Softies Window
softies for mirabel july 11 023.JPG
Softies for Mirabel 2008
NB :: A softie is a handmade soft toy. You might call it a plushie or a stuffie or just a toy!
ALSO :: The lamb at the top of this post was made by Jess!
xx Pip
Other ways to help Mirabel here
Stories from Mirabel families here

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