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Fonts & Typefaces & Characters, Oh My!

Let’s talk about fonts! Typefaces! Text! The way you present your text makes a huge difference to the beauty, character, usability and identity of your blog. While it’s easy enough to stick with default typefaces and fonts everyone uses, I think it’s a great idea to work a bit of uniqueness in and step it up in the type stakes.

What’s the difference between a font and a typeface? Apparently it all comes down to your perspective:

A font is what you use.
A typeface is what you see.

Hmm. OK. That said, experts agree that the terms are pretty much interchangeable (unless you are a font professional) and it doesn’t really matter which one you use. Phew. So rest assured you’re not going to look like a dork if you are using a typeface and looking at a font. The lines are blurred for casual users like us.

Here are 10 ways to own the fonts on your blog …

1. If you’re a self-hosted WordPress user, there are a few Google Fonts plugins you can download. These give you access to a whole host of extra web-friendly fonts. Blogger users can customise their fonts like this.

2. Canva has some ace tips on combining fonts successfully. (They also have heaps of other blog design tips, so it’s worth popping over there frequently.)

3. Want to know what the best practices are for font use across online publishing? Smashing Magazine has the answers.

4. Not sure which font to use? Here are the 30 of the greatest free web fonts! You’re welcome!

5. Which font is the most readable online? Here we go.

6. Some great suggestions for combining Google Fonts.

7. Perhaps you are nuts for fonts? Follow this blog which is devoted to the glory of typefaces.

8. Yes. A podcast all about fonts sounds like the very best kind of idea to me! #geek

9. Do you need even more fonts in your work? Some extras to use in Photoshop or the like? Try here!

10. Create a font from your own handwriting! So clever, no?

If you’re not sure which fonts to use on your blog, then pop about some blogs or websites you love and see the kinds of things they are doing. How are they pairing or combining fonts? Are they using serif (the one with the little feet!) or sans serif (the one without feet!)? What sizes are they using for text body and headers? How about for sub-headings? How about colour palettes? Which colours are working well together? What do you love? And not love (hello comic sans!)

Give your blog a bit of a font makeover. Keep things simple and measured (three fonts on one blog is plenty!) Pay attention to attractive text pairings. Note how your chosen fonts appear on various devices (maybe that font you super-love looks really crappy on iPads?)  Above all, keep reader experience at the forefront and make sure it looks beautiful to them.

Do you want to use some fancier fonts on your blog?

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    September 29, 2014 at 5:08 AM

    Thank you Pip! I found a lovely font pair for my new blog. I have gone with Amatic SC and Josefin Sans. Now I’m worried that the font colours are too light! Will keep fiddling 🙂

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