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Flying The Weirdo Flag + The Frankie Garage Sale!

October 23, 2015

Guess what?

(I feel like I am always saying ‘Guess what?!’)

The Frankie Garage Sale in on this weekend! We are super lucky because we are representing for the SECOND time (we had an ace time Frankie-ing along LAST year!)  I feel so lucky to be in the Frankie family. I have been writing craft projects for them for many, many years and it’s always really lovely to be included in special events like this.

As an aside – I think it’s so important to remember what Frankie has done for the Australian creative landscape. For a LONG time they were the only magazine to feature crafty people and they continue to discover and champion creative types. Frankie has consistently raised the profile of your friendly neighbourhood crafter and has given us all permission to be awesome weirdos in the process.  They’ve even inspired a bunch of others (media/web peeps) to celebrate creativity in all kinds of ways.

I’m so glad that Frankie took a chance to fly the crafty, cute, weirdo flag all those years ago (and that they continue to do that!) Thanks guys!!

Now. Back to the Garage Sale. It’s on tomorrow!  We’ll be there with a bunch of other great people SUCH AS:
Beci Orpin, Alice Oehr, Laura Blythman and Pete Cromer (aka the folks behind Enemies Yay), Ashley Ronning, Min Pin, vintage menswear seller Isles of Man, Togetherness Design, La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick, Kelly Thompson, Sarah Kelk, florist Hi Petal! and Pop Plant. 


We’ll be selling vintage bric a brac, books and bits & bobs from around our place (and under the house!)

If you come along, do say hello!!! And you really should come along because there are delicious snacks and lovely people and bargains to be had ALL OVER!

All the details are here.

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  • Reply Pia October 27, 2015 at 2:26 AM

    Frankie really has championed the dual notion of being Creative & Unique (weird, as it were).

    I’m so grateful for the profile that they have highlighted, of the wealth of Creatives in Australia.
    It’s quite a feat.

  • Reply Deanna October 23, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    Can’t wait! The succulents I purchased last year are going strong, and the crafty bits and pieces have given me hours of fun. Looking forward to rummaging tomorrow 😀

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