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Five Ways To Blog A Roadtrip (Or Daytrip!)

February 7, 2015

roadtrip scene 2

If you are itching to get out on the open road, you may as well sneakily use it for some blogging fodder, right? Here’s five ways to theme that on-the-road post and create something ace for your readers to share in

1. Foodie road trip

What to do

Head off after breakfast (or even earlier and do the truck stop toasted sandwich thing) and drive on into lunch. Do some research via an app like Urban Spoon and make sure you secure somewhere super yum to eat when you get there. If it’s looking a bit pricey or patchy in the ace lunch department, grab that breadboard and knife you stowed earlier (didn’t you?!) and pair it with a charcoal chicken and some soft white rolls. Or tote your own bottle of tomato sauce (those little packets are so annoying) and head for that small town fish and chip shop.

What to blog about

Where you went, what you saw on the way, what you had for lunch, what you chatted about, who liked it, who didn’t!

Top tip

Don’t post all your road trip images to Instagram or Facebook. Save some surprises for your blog, too!

road trip scenery

2. Touristy road trip

What to do

Be a tourist in your own state (or even further afield!). Head for the hills or the beach or the river or wherever, way out of your usual comfort zone and into the bliss that is being far away and amongst nature with the people you love most. Plot your trip or just wing it and drive (be sure you have enough fuel/money, first!).

What to blog about

Make a map of your trip and pin cute photos onto your favourite bits. Write about the drive. Did it make you nostalgic? Write on that. Perhaps you were filled with new excitement for life, fuelled by new places and things? Write about that!

Top tip

Don’t just take photos of places or landscapes – make sure you’ve got some people in there to personalise and create a connection (for you and your readers!).

touristy road trip

3. Feel-good road trip

What to do

Are you feeling a bit out of sorts? Maybe it’s time to head off to a spa or for a speedy sabbatical? Perhaps you just need a couple of days in a quiet place with nothing to do but read a book? Or maybe you want to immerse yourself in some hot springs or have someone massage the crap out of you? Anything that’s going to make you feel restored and positive is a good idea.

What to blog about

Where you went and why you went. How you felt before and after. What you learnt and what you’d do differently next time. Things that made your trip super nice.

Top tip

You don’t need to share those photos of you clad in just a towel on the massage table.

road trippingmuscial

4. Musical road trip

What to do

Make a pilgrimage to see a band or go to a record fair in another town or city. Get your double denim on, pack some snacks, book a cheesy motel and roll! Make some playlists on Spotify and set them to OFFLINE mode so you can listen to them in the car on the way. (Remember to take a phone charger, too!)

What to blog about

How you got to go backstage and sit on the drummer’s lap. What the gig/fair was like. What you bought or ate. Who you met. How great the bedspread was at the motel. The delightfully bad motel artwork.

Top tip

Probably don’t sit on the drummer’s lap.

thrifting road trip 2thrifting road trip

5. Thrifty road trip

What to do

Head out on the road midweek to catch the op shops (the small church ones are the best kind) or research Lion’s Club Markets or thrifty/antique emporiums in country towns near you and head for those. Set yourself a firm budget, have plenty of room in the boot and take some ropes/blankets (if you have a roof rack) in case you need to strap something amazing onto the car!

What to blog about

The things you found. The op shop ladies. The memories that you excavated along the way. The things you missed out on. The thrill of the chase.

Top tip

Take some hand sanitiser or wipes. I love op shopping and antique-ing but your hands get really dirty, so keep yourself nice.


Do you wanna take a trip?!


  • Reply Stephanie Michelet February 8, 2015 at 2:28 PM

    Great ideas, Pip! Thank you for expanding my view on what’s possible!

  • Reply Clare Etheridge February 7, 2015 at 10:39 PM

    I like the sound of a thrifty ‘road trip’ post, I am def going to write one of these. Thanks!

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