Fisher Price. Turntables. Tape-Decks. Cassettes.

Awww.. i have a lovely Fisher-Price turntable. It is beige and blue and plugs into the power-point via a special adaptor which cost $120 at Dick Smith Electronics… it likes to play lovely old records… it plays them a tiny bit too fast though… it doesn’t take batteries.

At Mikes we had a Fisher-Price turntable in Orange and Beige.. it was a BATTERY OPERATED one.. which is rare.. and we sold it for $70.. and you could take it on a picnic and dance about if you wanted.. ohhh.. I wish we still had it… a lovely girl bought it for picnicking and frolicking…. I hope she loves it.. i miss it! It played records PERFECTLY.

Today we bought a lovely Fisher Price Cassette Player.. it is beige and brown.. and can record stuff without an exterior microphone… we are hoping to tape our dog-songs on it.. dogs are good singers.

We have heaps of old book & record sets to play on the record player.. like Peter Pan, Mister Dog & Hiawatha… remember when TINKERBELL rings her little bell.. you turn the page!

Today we had many lovely visitors at Mikes..

Ari, Max. Dave and Cam went to the beach and frolicked in the rockpools and ate a pub lunch.

Pip and Souraya and Eliza had lots of fun making stickers and pockets and chucking confetti at Mikes…

The city was covered with a smokey haze as fires burnt in rural Victoria.. we are thinking of those affected by the dreaded bush-fires.

We sticky-taped 100s and 1000s to peoples gifts today.. and slipped single birthday candles and confetti into cello-wrapped purchases.. it was a festive and BOILING day at Mikes!

The thing is.. we love Fisher Price 1970s grown-up toys for kids!

We love Little Golden Book & Record Sets!

Here are some we have…

The Lively Little Rabbit..
Scuffy the Tugboat..
Mister Dog…
Peter Pan…
Sleeping Beauty..
The Saggy Baggy Elephant…
Alice in Wonderland…
Frosty the Snowman..

xxx and hugs to you.. Mikes

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  1. Spookily La maison de bebe illustrated by Marie Blair popped into my post box this week ! It’s adorable, I have a 1962 version..

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