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Finding Your Blog Niche

July 10, 2014



Let’s talk about blog niches!

Food blogs, style blogs, craft blogs, shazam! In ye olden days of blogging, blogs were much less sophisticated. They usually stayed within their niche, posting images and writing that fitted their chosen genre. There was a comforting sameness (not in a bad way!) that I really loved. Those were simpler, lovely days.

NOW, as blogging has grown bigger and (possibly) better, blogs have broadened their focus. The blogs of today are reflecting their writers’ varied interests more and more.

In the old days many bloggers stuck to their niche because they liked the community they were part of and it helped them to monetize their blogs and find their audience more easily. Makes sense, no?

While community and monetization are definitely worth considering, so is blogger boredom. There is nothing less motivating than being limited or fenced in and staying in ‘your niche’ can sometimes have that effect. After years of blogging I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s MUCH better to branch out and blog varied content consistently than to be niche-centric and bore yourself to death (and possibly your readers!)

The worksheet above details lots of different kinds of blogs. Have a think about whether you WANT to fit one or more. If you’ve decided to narrow your focus, can you come up with 30 posts (off the top of your head) that you could write for said niche blog? Are you excited about writing those 30 posts? Then you, my dear, can go fully niche!

If you find yourself crossing topics and interests (a bit like me) you might find yourself happier in the free-wheeling ‘Lifestyle’ category. It’s sort of the liberal arts of blogging and it’s perfect for those of us who are not sure where they fit in!

And that is the point really. If you don’t feel that you fit a niche… then don’t. Blogging is about self-expression, having fun, creativity and improving. Don’t limit yourself if you’re not sure which way you are going. Spend some time writing on the things you are passionate about or interested in. See what feels good.

Later we’ll talk about Editorial Calendars, which will help you plan those passionate, interested posts. If you’re feeling a bit at sea that might help you form a solid backbone for your blog. We’ll also be talking about getting ideas for blog posts.

In the mean time, think about your niche….

In the comments:

Which topics does YOUR blog cover? What do you want to cover? Do you want to be very focused? Or more lifestyle? Tell us about YOUR blog niche (or not-niche!)

Think of your 3 favourite blogs: Do they write to one niche/subject? Or more? Tell us about it in the comments!



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  • Reply Debbie August 15, 2014 at 3:37 AM

    well I think I’m safe to go “fully niche” with my blog. I’m passionate about helping people improve their sewing, whether for pleasure or to turn a profit. I feel like I’ve got this wealth of practical knowledge in the sewing production industry, and while I’m not in a position to return to it now, I can certainly help others give it a go.
    My problem is though, I’ve got a ton of ideas jotted down, but feel I need some guidance in what order to put them in.

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