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Feeling A Bit Sht? Here are some non-sht things that might prove bolstering


Feeling a bit shit? Well maybe some of these things will make you feel a wee bit less so?

I honestly hope so.

1/ The pink robin lives in the south-east of Australia (i.e. where I live!) and I have only just found out about it. If you are clue-ier than me and have visited the area around the Otways, perhaps you have spied one of these pretty little birds? It’s the boys that are the pinky ones, apparently. If you have seen one, do tell me where? Maybe I could go and try to see one too?

Pink Robin

2/ In Frome (England) a clever cookie doctor by the name of Dr Helen Kingston has been treating illness and loneliness in the elderly by connecting them with services and groups that help them make friends. Tinkering sheds for men, community choir, shopping help and a ‘befriending service’ is making a big difference to the health outcomes … and local townsfolk of all ages. Read more at Reasons To Be Cheerful, David Byrne’s new good news story site.

3/ A pay-as-you-can restaurant is serving up family-style southern comfort food in Alabama. It’s run by a lady named Lisa who can’t bear the thought that people are going without home cooked meals and feeling disconnected.

“I want these different folks in this space together,” Lisa (below) explains. “I want them interacting. Doing it over food makes the fellowship more natural.”

Fellowship is such a good word, isn’t it? It’s sort of gone out of fashion, which is ridiculous because it’s all about good stuff.

Lisa Thomas-McMillan

4/ Ten years on, OG fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson returns to a blog post she wrote about the 2009 New York Fashion Week and annotates her childhood writing. It’s funny and vulnerable and also a bit “what were we thinking?!” Also? Her outfits are very cheering! I love Tavi, to be honest. She’s so interesting and smart.

5/ The New Yorker chats with Ryder Carroll, the guy who champions bullet journalling and has built a pretty interesting-sounding life based on the success of his bestselling book The Bullet Journal Method.

“I like to describe what I do as giving people an empty house that they fill with their own life. Only add what serves you, and be patient with yourself, because it’s a new thing. You’re not doing it right, you’re not doing it wrong, you’re just figuring it out as you go along. It’s another reason why I love the notebook. It’s like every day is another chance.”

I have to admit that the neatness of bullet journalling frightens me, but maybe I am being silly and could do it not-as-neat?


6/ I’m busting to make one of these amazing wall tassels! Aren’t they gorgeous? Find the how-to here. Actually very, very beautiful … like rainbow pony tails.

7/ I like seeing how other people live and when I stumbled across Anne Hathaway’s country house I thought …  this is a strange mix of chalet, mid-century snap, shack and farmhouse and whodathunkit?! Before Anne owned it, Wes Anderson did. Also imagine having a country house. I think I’d like a bush/beach house, actually.

8/ This piece of writing about solitude and belonging was a lovely read. I admit I keep thinking about the man in the boat with the sheep, too. Does he mean he takes the sheep in the boat, do you imagine?

9/ Lucy loves cows so much. What a champ.

9/ What could be better than Phoebe and Hot Priest handing you a can of G&T?!

10/ Good blinking catch you champ!

That is it for right this minute. I have library books to flip through and it’s QUITE pressing!

Love to you!

xx Pip

PS – This is what my new book is called! Cover coming soon!

  • Natalie
    September 22, 2019 at 5:14 PM

    Hi Pip, my son goes to school in Lorne at the P-12 College. It’s just up behind the Main Street. He tells me he sees the little robins at school all the time. Maybe a drive down to Lorne for a day? Nat xxxx

  • Kate
    September 11, 2019 at 7:46 PM

    Can we be friends?
    You are just the best. I’m off to make a cuppa and check out these links.
    Cheers Kate

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