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Feeling A Bit Sh*t? Here’s some non-sh*t things to cheer you along

David Attenbrrrrr Jumper

What better thing to do on this gloomy Melbourne morning than drink coffee and talk about non-shit things?!

Here are some things that caught my eye, piqued my interest and warmed my heart this week …

1. Researchers studied the impact of sharing meals on connection and negotiation and the results were bolstering and might make you hungry for Chinese food. At Science Daily.

2. How to jump start your creativity, by Nick Cave.

3. My sister sent me this cute one. A man found a very tired iguana way out in the sea (four MILES from shore) and helped it out. The iguana seemed super relieved. At MetroUK.

4. Did you know that Freddie Mercury had a thing for cats? It’s true. What a cute-face. At Dangerous Minds.

5. Vintage snapshots of women posing with their Christmas trees. Why don’t we still do this? At Vintage Everyday.

6. Thank you to everyone who sent me this one (there were about 6 of you! THANKS!!!) … People are emailing Melbourne’s TREES! Gasp. So brilliant. At the ABC.

Hi Tree,
How do you feel about those trees who are hugged by koalas all day?
Regards, Not-a-koala

7. Three brilliant musicians play Africa by Toto on traditional Japanese instruments. At YouTube around the 1 minute mark.

8. Could these cat beds be any cuter? I think not. At My Modern Met.

9. The Lego Foundation just gave Sesame Street $100 million for a program that helps child asylum seekers. At SBS.

10. I found out about the David Attenborough Christmas Jumper from Frankie and I thought you might need to find out about it too (if you haven’t already!) Buy one at Not Just.

David Attenborough jumper

11. I liked this list of ace books about the great outdoors, just in time for the Summer reading season (or Winter, if you are north-y!) At The New York Times.

12. How adorable is the Scottish wildcat kitten?! These cats are Britain’s rarest mammal, apparently, with just 100 in the wild at the mo. At The Independent.

13. A vet dressed up as a giant mouse to help put an anxious dog at ease, and honestly whatever works. At Metro UK.

14. If you’re looking for something soothing to watch, there are SEVEN seasons of Doc Martin on Netflix and it’s a TONIC.

That’s all for this week’s FABS! Which thing is your fave?

x Pip


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