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:: Favourite Smells : #52Lists

Here’s today’s list for our 52 Lists project. (You can join in any time here, too!)

Obviously, this list is all about favourite smells. I guess my smells aren’t too unorthodox. Maybe Dettol is a bit weird, but the rest you could file in the box marked ‘Mmmm’, I think.

There are a ton of cooking smells I could add to this list. Onion caramelising. Bread. Just out of the oven chocolate cake. Stewed rhubarb. Weeties. Stewed rhubarb AND Weeties. Bacon. Fresh salsa. Toffee. Boiling jam. Just-made chutney. Homemade tomato sauce.

Hm. I wonder if the foodie smells rely on their freshness or in-the-midst-ness to be GOOD smells. I think that’s true… Although I do love the smell of Lee & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and that’s not fresh by any stretch of the imagination.

Perfumes too must hold a special place, particularly the perfumes you associate with your favourite people. Nanna perfume. Mum perfume. Friend perfume. I like those too.

And the smell of people’s homes…. you know how some houses have a particular (hopefully nice) smell?

Or how about people’s WASHING POWDER… when you can smell it on their clothes. I am not sure if that one is good or bad…

Join in with #52Lists whenever you like. Catch up or just start from this week and we’ll pitch you some extra lists down the track to make it up to 52.

What’s your favourite smell?

x Pip


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