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Favourite Melbourne Eats According To Pip and Max

December 1, 2020

So … We’re leaving Melbourne! Ari and Max and I are moving interstate on Thursday. I KNOW!!! It’s amazing and scary and great and weird.

With this big move in mind, Max made a list of best-of, food wise for his housemate and I thought I should share it here and that it might encourage YOU to share your Melbourne Eats best ofs (if you are familiar with Melbourne!)

Max’s favourite Melbourne eats

Best laksa – Grand BBQ
Best bento – Kaneda
Best Italian – Pellegrinis
Best Italian – Tiamo
Best Malaysian – Penang Curry House
Best tofu – Ampang Tofu
Best Eastern European – The Crimean
Best Lebanese – A1 bakery
Best Pho – Co Do
Guess – I Love Dumplings
Best burgers – Handlebar burgers
Best South American – Sonido
Best chicken and chips – Super Tasty Rooster
Best pizza – St. Louis
Best Indian – Indian Star
Best Banh Mi- To’s

And here are some of the foodie places I am going to miss …

Pip’s favourite Melbourne eats

Best yong tau foo – Ampang Tofu
Best Italian – Tiamo
Best Malaysian – Danny’s Kopitiam
Best chicken + chips – Rooster and Co
Best Indian – Aashiana
Best pho – Mekong Swanston
Best bento – Kaneda
Best antipasto/salumi – Campari House
Best Bloody Mary – Union Club Hotel
Best achar – Colonial Cafe Catering
Best puttanesca – Mario’s
Best pastry + Aperol spritz spot – Brunetti
Best banh mi – N. Lee
Best coffee + pastry + gossip + art + walking spot – Heide Cafe
Best BBQ pork buns – tie between Nam Loong and Minh Tan 2
Best yum cha – Shark Fin Inn
Best post-lockdown-walk-neighbourhood Japanese-influenced cafe – Cafe Matta
Best fried rice – China Bar Westfield Doncaster
Best dumplings – Food Republik Box Hill
Best spaghetti – Pellegrini’s
Best city quick sip-and-spicy-noodle-slurp spot – Grand BBQ

Now it’s your turn!! (If you fancy!)

x pip


  • Reply Joanna December 3, 2020 at 9:21 PM

    I guessed you’d be heading to Tassie! Best wishes for your new adventures.
    My add to the list is:
    Best ice cream- Cuppa Turca

  • Reply Alison December 2, 2020 at 5:31 PM

    Wow, salivating over your lists of delicious food – hope you find some tasty replacements near the new digs.
    Wishing you all the very best for your move Pip. So pleased your Boys will be with you.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog writing for years – hope you will still find time for it – regular reader but not so regular replier.

  • Reply Michelle December 2, 2020 at 4:14 PM

    Such an amazing variety of delicious of food. This list is making me hungry! I miss the culinary diversity of big cities.

    Good luck with the move, always such a huge and tiring process but here’s to exciting new adventures ahead.


  • Reply Jane @ The Shady Baker December 2, 2020 at 2:14 PM

    Great lists Pip! I love Melbourne although I have only visited very briefly as an adult. One day I really want to return and just spend some time wandering and discovering. On one visit we literally stumbled across Brunetti in Carlton and I have dreamed of it ever since. And Pelligrini’s. Take care and safe travels. x

  • Reply Lou Dorian December 2, 2020 at 9:20 AM

    Enjoy the next grand adventure ??xx

  • Reply kate December 2, 2020 at 6:55 AM

    Wow pip, big change. Gosh I hope you are moving to my state…Tasmania
    Safe travels
    Cheers Kate

  • Reply Reannon December 1, 2020 at 11:01 PM

    Oh I would love to hear you’re moving to WA but alas, I think that’s wishful thinking….
    I hope the move goes well & that the new start is all you want it to be xx

  • Reply Donna Bridges December 1, 2020 at 10:20 PM

    Well theres only one fancy place here in rural SA . There is now fast food which we got in the last five years (yuck) . That fancy place is Bellagio and they are quite good . However a nearby town has an Italian ,restaurant Cafe Capellas, which makes a mushroom risotto with truffle oil and truffles which is so good that I’m still talking about it two years later . Mmmm but being a seafood town we have the best fresh seafood.
    Interstate, wow that is a big move . Change can be a scary wonderful thing . Hooray to new beginnings ( hopefully a garden too )

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