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September 15, 2013

I spent a couple of days in Queensland, at the ProBlogger event on the Gold Coast, in case you didn’t know. People who follow me on social media will know! I was busily tweeting and Instagramming, trying to share the very best bits of the two and a bit days. Sorry if it was a bit chatty, but it is what it is, ya know?!

I spoke at the very first Problogger event ages ago, so I was thrilled to be asked back. I am always surprised when people want to hear what I have to say. At my house they usually just nod indulgently at me as they wander past. It’s such a novelty (and pleasure!) when people want to sit down and listen in!

The event ran over Friday and Saturday. There were a heap of varied sessions for bloggers, writers and wannabe filmmakers and storytellers. It was really interesting and jam-packed.

I like practising speaking in front of groups. I like teaching people things too, so this was a win/win for me! My Blogging For Beginners session was subtitled ‘How To Blog Like A Sea Creature’. Probably you had to be there, but it was basically about writing your blog in the best way you can, staying true to yourself, making time for creativity and improving your work each day. Afterwards, I gave people badges with octopi on them and got lots of good feedback about my presentation.  I also did a lounge session with Jess. We talked about Blogging and Creativity, taking heaps of questions from the attendees and talking about our own approaches to this online life.

I saw lots of bloggers who I love and admire, plus lots of people took the time to come and chat with me, which was super nice and unexpected. Some people brought me little prezzies and asked me to sign books. Sometimes I forget that people are really watching and reading the things that I do, so it was pretty ace to be reminded of that! (You can buy a Virtual Pass to this event and learn all the stuff that I did, if you like. There is a link in my sidebar to do that!)

NEXT, I got to hang out with some of my VERY FAVOURITE PEOPLE!

Hailey Bartholomew
Rowe Timson 
Clare Bowditch


It was so nice to be away, but I always miss home a lot too. I get that slightly hollow feeling, as though something is not quite right. Luckily I was with fantastic people who reminded me JUST HOW SPECIAL people can be. We had a nice dinner together and lots of chats. We made some great plans and talked about what the future would bring, dreams and goals.

If you hang out with the right people, all kinds of possibilities present themselves. Ideas spark all over the place and you can feel yourself being grounded and growing like a vine, all at the same time.

It’s all a bit rad and shazam! really…

Does this make sense to you?

x Pip

Photos by me, Alex B, Rowe Timson and Stacey!

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