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Let me give you WAY too much information and tell you that I don’t wear fancy pants. Nup. I like non-fancy pants. This probably makes me the unsexiest person in the world, but ya know, I am what I am. I’ll own it. It’s cool.

The kind of pants I like are a) full b) cotton and c) as dorky as possible.

In my dreams, I am the kind of person who will flounce about in fancy pants. In my reality I live in a house with 3 dudes who start giggling if they glimpse any tiny bit of a) underwear b) wobbly bits and c) body shyness.

I think I will stick with my non-fancies for now.

YOU on the other hand are probably very sexy and non-shy. You are the perfect person for these gorgeous Japanese style handmade undies from France (above).

They will put the ooh back into your la la in no time. Sorry. That sounded a bit rude. It was French joke gone wrong. Sigh. Ooh-la-la? Yes? Hm. Nothing.

Find these lovely undies here at Naomi Lingerie.

Are you a fancy pants person? Or are you non-fancy-free like me?

x Pip

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