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:: Etsy Style : Moonrise Kingdom

vintage pencils :: cicada earrings :: pocket knife pendant :: cloth badges :: saddle shoes :: camp ivanhoe pendant :: vintage frock :: floral undies :: pearl brooch :: vintage binoculars :: arrows and pennant

Have you seen Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom?  Ari and I saw it during the school holidays and LOVED.IT.SO!

We saw it at the Nova in Carlton early on Grand Final day. There were 4 other people in the cinema, so we got to rustle our papers and crunch our Shapes without bothering anyone, pretty much.

I loved this movie. It’s a cute, quirky fairy tale.  Super adorable, but with the mildly menacing undertone that most child-centred stories have. Not sugary sweet, but rather heartfelt and hopeful.  Have you seen it too?

When we got home, I had a look at Etsy and found a ton of pieces that evoke the Moonrise Kingdom mood.  These are them. Do you like them?

Do you want to see Moonrise Kingdom? Do you like Wes Anderson?

x Pip

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