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Ele Handmade Shoes


How lovely are these handmade shoes?

They are crafted by Eleonora in Spain who promises to make the ones you want in your size, especially for you! Gee thanks! She says:

Earlier in my professional journey, I’ve been working as shoe designer for big companies; at that time I had the chance to learn so much about shoe making processes but I also felt that the massive, impersonal, industrial dimension didn’t match with my own nature. I felt the need of bringing the concept of “work” to a more human, ethical and sustainable dimension; my wish was to give back to the concept of work its natural noble meaning.

Apart from being ethical, they’re blinking adorable. I have been wearing clogs and sandals a lot over the last few years but I really think that ballet flats are equally nice.

Are you trying to buy less or buy better, too?

x Pip

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