Double Deal: Blog With Pip + Blog Magic

I’m going double or nothing with a special double deal for bloggers and bloggers-to-be!

This ace option entitles you to a place in Blog With Pip, my supervised how-to-blog/how-to-blog-better eCourse PLUS you get access to Blog Magic, my how-to-write-with-heart course for bloggers too!

Blog With Pip is usually $79
Blog Magic is usually $49

But you can enrol in BOTH – with lesson access until the end of January – for $79 flat.

This gives you heaps of info AND heaps of time over the Spring and Summer to get your blog sorted.

Important Dates:
Course begins: Tuesday November 1st, 2016
Supervised course time (with me on call) ends: Tuesday November 29th, 2016
Access to lesson site ends: January 30th 2017

You can download the lessons to print or keep for another time, too.

The course is self-paced, but there are weekly lesson plans to help you manage your time.

Requirements: A computer and internet connection.


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welcome to blog with pip


A bit more about Blog With Pip

The course that’s launched and improved HUNDREDS of blogs! (Click here for student testimonials!)

Blog With Pip is for beginning and bloggers, as well as bloggers who would like to refresh their blogs, learn more or gather inspiration.

You’ll learn technical and blog related skills and come out of the course with a bunch of practical ways to improve (or create) your blog.

Here’s what the course will cover:

Setting up your blog: platforms, templates, hosts, themes, templates, blog basics
Your niche : diagnose your bloggy motivation, blog to book insights
Blog good looks: what looks skanky and what looks rad, blog photography and cute-ifying your images, basic Photoshop, creating blog buttons
How to write great blog posts (the kind people will love reading!)
Blog inspiration: staying excited and keeping it fresh
Social media smarts, basic SEO, HTML basics, strategy and success
Growing your readership and media mentions: how to attract readers and media interest
Building community and using your blog for good 

Also: How-to screencasts, podcasts to listen to on the go, worksheets, optional assignments and a private (permanent) Facebook group to chat in.

Also: lifelong membership to the Blog With Pip Alumni group with HEAPS of other friendly, non-snarky bloggers!

Blog With Pip delivery details

Lessons are delivered online – on a private website I’ve created just for us.


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welcome to blog magic


A bit more about Blog Magic

You probably know that I teach blogging to keen bloggers and bloggers-to-be. You might also know that I write books about making things and finding more time for creativity and nice moments.  I’m bundling those things up into a brand new, all new eCourse for people who are interested in those two particular things too.

21 lessons designed to get you…
a) writing about your life and adventures in your own way
b) focusing on your own creativity and point-of-view
c) crafting gorgeous visuals
d) develop your ‘writers’ eye’
e) journalling your days
f) creating true-to-you blog posts – avoiding the generic
g) gathering inspiration from wonderful sources
h) developing side-projects that tick all your creative boxes
i) creating a network of other rad creatives to collaborate with
j) fitting blogging and creative work into your busy week
k) exploring resources to help you nurture yourself and your blog
j) changing your world – one post at a time

The program includes daily lessons, group projects, individual projects, practical tuition, challenges and online friend-making opportunities.

We’ll focus on writing skills, creating visuals, sparking clever ideas and standing out from the crowd by being yourself.

There will be a particular emphasis on creating an online journal that you are proud of and one that reflects your daily life.

Blog Magic delivery details

Blog Magic features 21 ace lessons designed to help you blog in a more true-to-you way.
Lessons are delivered online – on a private website I’ve created just for us.


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Snap up this two-for-one package : click here


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