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:: Don’t Be Uncomfy

It’s been hot in Melbourne. I don’t really like the hot weather. I prefer cooler days or a mild 25 degrees even. It’s the sort of weather that keeps you feeling a bit frizzy haired and parched and perspire-y. It’s the sort of days when you want to be super comfy (because you are actually perpetually bunchy and uncomfy.) Ew.

These are the days when simple t-shirt-ish dresses seem like the best idea. Not only did I want to talk about comfy dresses, because it’s THURSDAY I wanted to talk about ETHICAL comfy dresses. It’s part of A Year Of Ethical Fashion.

In the spirit of a YOEF, I’ve found a bunch of cute (ethical) frocks de tee.  These would make the most uncomfy type feel at home.  Shall we T off? Do let’s!


Here are the links to all of the comfy, unbunchy things…

Very top dress: Perspective Shift Dress (A dressed up t with a geo spin!)
Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg T-Dress (Lose the beanie & boots. Too hot!)
Vintage Bloomingdales Gaugin jersey dress (I love this print!)
Babooshka Oversized Two-Tone T-Dress (On trend and comfy too!)
Striped dress  and another striped dress (These are just easy and cute, right?)

Which is your fave? Are you enjoying the weather where you are? Are you uncomfy? Are you bunchy?

x Pip


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