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Day Twenty: Facebook Insights Assignment

Let’s drill right down to our Facebook Page Insights – they’re TOP LEFT on your Facebook page – next to Notifications.


Click that tab and scroll down to ‘Your Five Most Recent Posts’ – hit the ‘See All Posts’ button to expand. Do it a couple of times until you can see the last seven days.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 7.28.31 am

Now let’s look at the data there and have a REAL think about what worked when. While it’s nice to see all that up on the screen, the real value of that data is in the analysis.

Luckily, I’ve created a worksheet for you, so you can have a nice long think about what is working, why, what the smaller details of those posts were, whether there were patterns like – tagging other pages, using shortened links, posing a questions, manually uploading a link and image (rather than letting Facebook auto generate the image/text when you drop a link in) and more.


facebook insights


Once you’ve done this – make a list of ACTION POINTS based on what you learned. What themes/feelings worked well? Can you replicate those? What time of day is winning for you? Is it a particular TYPE of posts that’s doing well at a particular time of day? use the information gathered to make a plan for future Facebook posting.

I’d love to know how you go with this – let me (and the other students) know what patterns you found in the comments below.

(One thing I am ALWAYS surprised by is that a post with no likes or comments can have HUNDREDS of clicks! It’s just that people head off and don’t come back to let you know what they thought! Good reason to say – come back and tell me what you think – in that update!!!)

Another great thing to note is that Facebook has (I think very recently?) released their own series of training modules. You can see thoseΒ hereΒ and read a thorough review of themΒ here. If you’re looking to step up and concentrate on Facebook recommended audience targeting methods and ad optimisation, that is a great place to dip your toe.

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