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Day Nineteen: Creating A Movement

May 17, 2015

The idea of creating  a movement is one that’s dear to marketer’s hearts. Online movements, driven by hashtags, are the kind of viral content and responses that brands are aiming for a lot of the time.

Not only does the hashtag part of the movement mean that the brand’s name and message is spread far and wide, the fact that people are acting on that hashtag, sharing it and fueling the message shows that their followers are engaged, too.

Still, it’s not the easiest thing to create a hashtag movement that spreads like wildfire. It needs to feature the right cocktail of ingredients to set it up for success. Let’s have a look at some examples… case studies if you will:

Here’s a recent hashtag campaign by Vegemite. Not only does it ask you to share a beloved product, it’s broaching some current newsy issues and sharing a message of tolerance and equality. This combination of elements together with a simple colourful image meant that it was shared widely and garnered much respect for the brand (and social media team!) This made us think, feel and do which is the perfect combo for a viral hashtag movement. Many felt compelled to either share the image or to share their feelings.



VEGEMITE is proud to be a spread for all Aussies 🙂 That’s why we’re Kosher & Halal certified, as well as suitable for…

Posted by Vegemite on Thursday, 26 March 2015


And how about this example of a history changing hashtag movement. Linda Drummond (a lovely Australian writer and blogger) tweeted the tag #SPCSunday in an effort to raise awareness of the looming closure of the SPC factory – Australia’s only processor of fruit and vegetables. Agency Leo Burnett JUMPED on board on behalf of SPC and helped amplify that tag and ultimately save the company.



Get involved with SPC Sunday by buying any SPC product & sharing a photo of you enjoying it on Facebook, Twitter or…

Posted by SPC on Thursday, 6 February 2014

Of course, hashtags aren’t always creating a branded, commercial movement…

The #everydaysexism tag reminds us how far we still have to come with gender equality…


The #everydaystyle tag by Styling You has women sharing achievable fashion inspiration across Twitter and Instagram each day…  

And Fat Mum Slim took the  Photo A Day concept (started in the US) and morphed it into #FMSPhotoADay fat mum slim

These are just a few examples of how hashtags can fuel creative, social or political movements. There are a zillion more. When you are browsing the internet this week, keep your eye out for hashtags and take the time to dig a bit deeper into them – see what’s working and ponder WHY those tags are being shared so readily.

Think about what might constitute a shareable, engaging hashtag for your blog or business and take inspiration from the Leo Burnett SPCSunday strategy, making a plan to roll out your own movement.


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