Shake It Up

Day Five: Assess, Compare, Watch, Take Note!

May 31, 2015

Often, we’re so busy trying to keep up with our social content, that we don’t take a few minutes a week to go through what’s working for us (and for others like us!) This weekend, it’d be great if you could sit down and go over your social media platforms, taking note of what’s done well, what hasn’t and what you want to repeat/discontinue/tweak for next week.

Also, pinpoint 3 or 4 ‘competitors’ (for want of a better word) – blogs or sites that are similar to yours – and keep an eye on what they are doing to. Can you learn anything from their successes? Perhaps they are doing things badly and it’s reminding you that you want to raise that bar a bit for your own work?

Use the downloads below to keep track of where you (and they) are at. Certainly you don’t want to replicate what others are doing, but you can learn a lot from the type of content they are posting, how they are responding (or not responding!) and the things they are doing well.

Feel free to ignore the platforms you don’t use – but I’ve popped them all in there just in case.

Remember, in Facebook you can LITERALLY watch how other pages are performing. Head to INSIGHTS and scroll down to PAGES TO WATCH. Then add pages that are similar to yours there. Anytime you want to see what others are doing well, pop back in there and you’ll be able to see which of their posts are performing well, how they’re tracking and how many new likes they are getting each week.

Let us know how you go with this exercise in the comments below!



Click on these images to enlarge to full size – then download them!

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