Cute Tute: How To Make A No-Sew Gilmore Girls Banner

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might know that I love Gilmore Girls.

I am ridiculously excited about the four reboot episodes that are due to screen later this month on Netflix. I will never cease to remind you that (thank to my friend Clare) I got to interview Melissa McCarthy aka Sookie St James IN PERSON when she was in Melbourne to promote a movie a little while ago.

I figured it was high time I made something to celebrate this favourite show of mine, and in fact, to celebrate one of my favourite episodes – Season 6, Episode 12, ‘Just Like Gwen and Gavin.

This (favourite) ep is full of big moments – (annoying) Logan chipping annoyingly away at Rory (it’s so annoying). Luke clumsily trying to develop his relationship with April. (Fun fact? April’s mum is played by Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn!) Lorelei finding out about April like a punch to the heart. Taylor Doose stalking the townsfolk (nothing new there.) Paris Geller behaving like a total lunatic (obvs.) (Canine) Paul Anka totally working a turban and the role of The Doggy Swami.



It is The Doggy Swami/Lorelei duo that inspired this banner.

Probably if you haven’t watched the show you might not get the reference at all. What happens is Paul Anka and Lorelei tell Rory’s friend Lane’s fortune at the Winter Carnival.

Lorelei reads the fortune on Paul Anka’s behalf, because he often suffers from performance anxiety. As Rory smiles on supportively, Lorelei proclaims to a transfixed Lane – ‘You will sing songs of gemstones.’

Nobody knew what it meant, but Lane seemed happy and the ep rolled on.

It’s my favourite quote from GG, truth be told, and a motto for life really. You will sing songs of gemstones. Well. You might. I think it’s a good idea…

Here is how I made a banner, in ‘You will sing songs of gemstones’ honour…

(This post is not sponsored by Netflix, btw. I just love Gilmore Girls immensely, as you know!)

Gilmore Girls Banner is done


How To Make A No-Sew Gilmore Girls Banner

how long does this take to make?

A couple of hours. Three, even if you are slow and steady.

what I needed to make this 

to buy:
3mm felt – it’s sold on a roll that’s about 1m wide and I purchased a half metre
dowel or wooden stick thingy – I found one under the house
felt in various colours
print out of ‘You will sing songs of gemstones’
(download in the fonts I used here –> you-will-sing-songs-of-gemstones)
fabric glue – scroll down to see the one I used
string – I had some in the kitchen so I used that. You could use fancy cord if you like.
toothpicks or skewers to tidy up stringy glue

tape to use as a guide – i used washi tape because I had it lying around
optional: rotary cutter and cutting mat – makes measuring heaps easier

Gilmore Girls Banner get ready to cut the felt lettersGilmore Girls banner cut out felt letters like thisGilmore Girls Banner here are our letters


  • Cut your letters out, as shown. You need nice sharp scissors and patience. Off you go!
  • Cut your banner to size.
  • Use the tape to mark the centre and ‘rule’ some guide lines widthways. Your letters will sit on the tape. It’s good to do this because you really will notice if the letters are sloping downhill on the banner, once you’ve hung it.
  • I also marked out the bottom slanted edge of the banner so I could cut it neatly and evenly.


Gilmore Girls Banner create a guide for your letters


  • Place your letters on the taped guide lines so that they are nice and even.
  • Shift them about until you like what you see. They can be a titch wonky, as long as they roughly sit along your taped line. A titch wonky is charming. Downhill is not charming.


Gilmore Girls Banner pop your letters into place


  • Begin glueing your letters into place. Just go slowly and carefully.
  • This glue is good, but it can get a bit stringy once it’s exposed to air. Use a toothpick or similar to remove any stringy bits as you go. The glue dries transparent, but it’s still nice to avoid transparent stringy bits.
  • When the tape is in your way, simply peel it up and off and continue on, as shown.
  • If the glue is being clumpy and too thick, use a paper towel to wipe it away from the nozzle and squeeze out some nice fresh non-clumpy glue.
  • Let it all dry. Nice work!


Gilmore Girls Banner let's glue it all into placeGilmore Girls Banner peel back the tape if it gets in the way


  • Now we need to make the casing. This is a strip of fabric that sits along the back of the banner, lined up with the top edge.
  • We glue the strip along its top and bottom edge, leaving the middle unglued so we can slide the dowel/stick through.
  • The image below shows you how. Just glue the sucker across the back leaving a ‘tunnel’ for the hanging stick to go through.


Gilmore Girls Banner remove the tape and cut a piece of extra felt to make casing

Gilmore Girls banner how to glue casing



  • Now attach your string. Just tie it on and Bob is indeed your uncle.
  • You can add any embellishments at this point, but my feeling is that less is always more with modern craft. If you feel differently you could add pompoms, tassels, gemstones etc. Go nuts. My feels don’t need to be yours.

Gilmore Girls Banner add dowel and string

And that is it!

Sing songs of gemstones, day in and day out. Or perhaps you would like to make your own version, using a different quote? Go for your life. Tag me on Instagram if you share yours there, so I can marvel at your handiwork!




I hope you have fun making this. I am making ANOTHER banner at the moment. I will show you that another time, though!

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  1. I bloody love this! I’m doing a Gilmore re-watch and it’s just aces! So keen for these new eps. I think my favourite quote is Richard in reference to Rory – he says, “What she tackles she conquers”. Sigh. Gilmore Girls is great! 🙂

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