Rock Some Cute Sock Snazz

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The Cute Sock Snazz-O-Meter is at 9.85 and rising…

These cute socks are enough to make you want to snazz your feet up at the best of times. Couple their toesiness (actual made up word combining toes and cosiness) with these ace paper-cut scenes and I’m pretty much a goner and hitting ‘add to cart’ right about now.

If you are anything like me, you already have a wonderful collection of single/it’s complicated socks already. It actually makes it a great idea to snaffle a few more pairs because:

a) nothing like a bit of competition to get those wayward socks to show themselves and
b) wearing odd socks is a sign of a devil-may-care attitude and infectious confidence.

If you’re super fancy you could try the whole sock and sandal combo. All the hip kids are doing it like it’s 1973, but I’m not actually as fancy as that. I just wear them with ankle boots and call it a day.

Snazz and snaffle, socky-style over on Etsy at the Sammy Icon store.


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  1. I appear to be in an alarmingly complicated sock situation at the moment, its reaching a kind of crisis point. I never considered the toesiness of new socks to be a solution, but now you mention it, it may just help. At this point, I’m willing to try anything. Your blog makes me smile 🙂

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